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10 Super Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

10 Super Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

Human bodies are beautiful is every way and shape, yet we often find ourselves complaining about a certain body part. We may feel our arms are too heavy or hate that scar on the left cheek. It’s how most of us are! If you too often get annoyed by your double chin, we’re here to help. Neck fat is a common issue but one that can be easily taken care of. If you’re looking for neck fat reduction exercises, just scroll ahead. These neck fat exercises are sure to help you out.  

10 Easy-To-Do Exercises To Reduce Neck Fat

  • Blowing the Air
  • Fish Face
  • Ball Exercise
  • Rotating the neck
  • Traction of the Neck
  • Stretching the neck
  • The Jivha Bandha
  • Slap Chin
  • Towel Pulls
  • Opening and closing the mouth

Neck fat exercises can prove to be very useful in reducing neck fat. Check them out:

  1. Blowing the Air

It’s an efficient approach to get rid of neck fat in the easiest way. This face workout focuses on the muscles in your cheeks and neck, resulting in a more toned appearance.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Set yourself up in a low-back chair with your back straight and your head pushed backward.

●     Holding your lips together, exhale all the air within your lungs.

●     For roughly 10 to 20 seconds, have a look at this procedure.

●     You can do this exercise twice a day, or as often as you can.

  1. Fish Face

The cheek and chin muscles get toned with this workout in no time. Stretching your cheek muscles greatly minimizes the appearance of saggy skin around your neck.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Make a fish mouth-like shape by sucking air into your cheeks and lips while sitting or standing.

●      For at least five seconds, hold this position.

●     You should feel a tingling sensation in your cheeks and jawline.

●     It’s best to do this exercise as many times as possible.

  1. Ball Exercise

Want to spice up your face workout regimen? Play with a ball while working off your neck fat as a part of neck fat loss exercises.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Small, easily squeezed balls are ideal for this.

●     Slowly lower your chin while you apply pressure to the ball under your chin.

●     Take a break every 20 to 30 minutes to repeat this.

  1. Rotating The Neck

Neck rotation not only aids in fat loss, but it may also enhance blood flow to the shoulders, reducing the likelihood of shoulder-related issues.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Sit or stand with your feet apart and your back straight.

●     It’s now time to begin the clockwise rotation of your neck.

●     Make sure you don’t move your shoulder while doing this.

●     Do this 20 times clockwise and 20 times anti-clockwise.

  1. Traction of the Neck

Regular workouts, in addition to sitting and working with proper posture, may help reduce fat in the neck humps. It is possible to lose excess fat in the neck by engaging in self-neck traction exercises. Neck humps will be reduced, as will tension in the surrounding muscles.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Your whole body should be on the ground while you are lying on your back.

●     When you’re done, raise your legs to a 60-degree angle, then lower them.

●     Take a few deep breaths and slowly place one hand behind your back and the other over your chest.

●     Keeping your chest hand pressed down, use your other hand to raise your neck to its highest point possible.

●     Hold the stretch for 10 seconds until you can feel it in your neck.

●     Get into a supine posture and take it easy.

●     Take a five-second break after each set of five stretches, and then do the exercise 15 to 20 times.

  1. Stretching The Neck

The neck retraction stretch is a great way to improve your forward line. It also aids in the reduction of those unsightly and inconvenient back humps.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Put your hands on your sides and your feet shoulder-length apart to stand upright.

●     Tilt your face down a little, but don’t curve your back.

●     After ten seconds, relax your neck.

●     Retract your chin to your chest and slowly extend your neck as far as you feel comfortable doing so.

●     Hold the stretch for 10 seconds until you feel the pressure in your neck.

●     Adjust the position of your neck gradually.

●     Do 10 sets at least three times a week.

  1. The Jivha Bandha (Locked Tongue Pose)

Use this exercise to reduce your neck fat, and chisel your jawline and more!

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth while sitting comfortably on the ground.

●     Your neck will begin to swell as your tongue presses against the wall.

●     It is recommended that you repeat this workout four or five times.

  1. Slap Chin

Chin slapping is a workout that works best when performed multiple times each day. It’s something you can do at any time or place. Actresses were reportedly seen using this activity in the past to maintain their chins in shape and to manage their double chins.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Make a fist with your hand while keeping your other hand at the back of your head.

●     Get started by smacking your lower chin.

●     After the first slapping, increase the pace and keep doing it till you reach your tolerance. Don’t go overboard at first.

●     Do it for a minimum of 10 minutes.

●     For best benefits, it should be done at least five to six times a day.

  1. Towel Pulls

Neck workouts benefit greatly from the use of a towel. In order to avoid sagging skin and fat deposits in the neck and throat, regular neck stretches are a must. The movement also makes it a great exercise to reduce arm fat. However, if you’d like to take a break from the neck, here are some exercises that can help you fight thigh fat.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Wrap a towel over your shoulders.

●     Start by tugging the towel and your hair in opposing directions once you’ve joined the ends.

●     For best results, repeat the process many times.

●     Doing it on the side is another option.

●     Wrap a towel over your neck, but turn it so that it’s facing you.

●     As you did before, maintain a straight shoulder.

  1. Opening and closing the mouth

Many of us might wonder how opening and closing your mouth can help you lose weight. Even though it sounds silly, we do it every day. But the best way to get what you want is to do it the right way. It is also a great way to reduce face fat in no time.

Here’s How To Go About It:

●     Stand comfortably with your head in a comfortable position.

●     Push your neck as far back as you can without moving your shoulders.

●     Now, open your mouth as wide as you can and then shut it again. Do this as slowly as possible.

●     Every time you open your mouth, you can feel the tension of the stretch in your neck.

●     Do this exercise routine 10–15 times in one cycle to see results.

●     Try to give your muscles a break ever so often so they can heal.

These neck exercises will help you reduce neck fat if you keep at it with full dedication and determination.

Featured Image: Pexels 

30 May 2022

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