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Could Dry Brushing Be The Answer To Cellulite?

Could Dry Brushing Be The Answer To Cellulite?

After 29 years of skipping cellulite, my 30th birthday came with a side of 8 kilos (I’d gained weight in 7 months) as well as an increase in oestrogen. It’s not like my thighs weren’t chunky earlier, but the difference in cellulite was quite visible. While I started to watch what I eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I heard about dry brushing. On face value, dry brushing sounds like another term for exfoliation. But on digging deeper, I found dry brushing accelerates lymphatic drainage (the natural wastes in our body) and helps prevent cellulite too. POPxo Beauty also spoke to Dr Apratim Goel from Cutis Skin Solutions, Mumbai to give us the details.


What Is It?

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“Dry brushing removes dead skin and all the pollutants your skin traps in, thanks to the increased pollution levels,” explains Goel. This process helps shed dead skin and improve blood circulation too. Great to avoid cellulite, dry brushing also helps get a boost in energy.

Is There A Right Way To Do It?

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You should ideally dry brush before you shower, says Goel. Sit on a stool, with legs resting on an equal height as you. Now use a natural bristled brush (with a long handle) and brush your skin in an upwards stroke. When brushing, remember the direction should be towards your heart. With a gentle hand, use long strokes to brush your ankles till knees and knees to the groin. It should ideally not take more than 15 minutes. Remember to brush your buttocks, back and neck too.

Now dab some body oil onto the brush (avoid olive oil since it can create a friction) and brush your body again. “Jump into the shower for a hot water bath which will not only be relaxing but also help get rid of pollutants and acids on your skin,” explains Goel.

 How Often Is Too Often?

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If you do want to try it (since it’s completely natural), we suggest you do it every 7-10 days. Anything more frequent could lead to over scrubbing or pigmentation.

The Final Word

Unlike spas where the therapist can go into an overdrive, dry brushing is something you can do — without being aggressive. Since it’s just you, you will also be comfortable brushing your thighs and back. Oh, and what about cellulite? It definitely helps with lymphatic draining so you will feel a change for sure, adds Goel.

Have you ever tried dry brushing? Tell us in the comments’ section.

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23 Nov 2017

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