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How Well Do You Know The Leo In Your Life? We Have Some Interesting Facts For You!

How Well Do You Know The Leo In Your Life? We Have Some Interesting Facts For You!

Leo is the zodiac sun sign of people who are born between July 22 and August 23. The fire sign, it is represented by the lion. Most Leos know how to become the centre of attention as soon as they enter the room. And if you have a Leo in your life, you’ve probably noticed the personality traits we’ve jotted down for this fire sign

Personality Traits

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With Sun as the ruling planet, you cannot get fiercer than a Leo. Born entertainers, they are usually creative. They will brighten up any conversation if they’re in a good mood. However, a Leo on a bad day can be ruthless. Their negative traits include being self-centred, unsympathetic, with days of non-stop bragging. On the upside, it takes a lot to turn a Leo sore, but once it’s done, it may take a while for them to be pleasant again. 


A Leo is very honourable and loyal in a relationship. However, sometimes their ego does get the worst out of them. As a sign that lives on extremes, they are exceptionally affectionate but also insecure. They need someone who will love them in their good and bad times. Which is why a Leo is best compatible with a Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) who is fun loving and balances out their traits. 

Leo In A Relationship 

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Their relationships are passionate because of their strong personality. They are often the leader in the relationship and generous with their affection. However, they are constantly insecure, so they require constant reassurance and codling. 

Leo As A Friend 

They are the life of every party, even though they often go overboard and turn bossy. People love having them around and often deal with their tantrums just because they love them. Their personality, in general, will lift up your spirit. 

What Do Leos Fear The Most?

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Their insecurity is deeply rooted, so they are afraid of not being valued or appreciated, both in their professional and personal lives. They are constantly striving to get what they’re worth. 

Jobs A Leo Prefers 

Leos do not like following orders and often prefer to do their own thing. They like leadership jobs that put them right in the spotlight. Anything out of the box is right up their alley. 

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06 Aug 2018

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