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Recently Recovered From Coronavirus? Follow This Post COVID-19 Management Protocol

Recently Recovered From Coronavirus? Follow This Post COVID-19 Management Protocol

Out of 4.75 million COVID-19 cases in India to this day, 3.7 million patients have recovered. According to the #IndiaFightsCorona Twitter handle, five Indian states namely Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka account for at least 60% of the total active cases in India. Even though there has been a rise in coronavirus cases in India, the number of recoveries are equally high. 

The Union Health Ministry’s Post COVID-19 Management Protocol

Today, the Union Health Ministry issued a new management protocol for recovered COVID-19 patients.

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Chyawanprash, Yoga & Walks Recommended

In an advisory, the Union Health Ministry made a statement that post-acute COVID-19 illness, recovered patients may continue to experience body ache, sore throat, fatigue, cough and breathing difficulties. The recovery period for patients who are suffering from other diseases including COVID-19 is likely to be longer. 

They also encouraged the consumption of Chyawanprash (an ayurvedic health supplement made from minerals and herbs) daily gargling, practising yoga and taking daily walks, for recovered patients. Also, the consumption of AYUSH (Ministry of Ayurveda) medicines are accepted only if one has a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. 

Here’s what the Union Health Ministry said its words, “Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation, as much as health permits or as prescribed. Breathing exercises as prescribed by treating physician. Daily morning or evening walk at a comfortable pace as tolerated”

At an individual level, one is expected to follow these post-COVID-19 rules

  • Drink plenty of warm water
  • Continue to wear masks, wash hands, maintain social-distancing and look after respiratory hygiene
  • On prescription of a qualified practitioner, consume immunity-boosting medicine from AYUSH
  • Household and professional work can be resumed, if health permits. 
  • Get adequate amounts of rest
  • Avoid drinking and smoking on a daily basis
  • Go for morning or evening walks
  • If health permits, practise yoga, breathing exercises and meditation daily
  • Check body temperature, pulse, blood sugar and pressure daily at home.
  • Avoid consuming any medicine to treat post-COVID-19 symptoms without consulting with your doctor.
  • Saline gargles and steam inhalations to be done regularly if one still has a sore throat or dry cough.

Recovered COVID-19 patients can share their experience on social media platforms to comfort those suffering from COVID. Their experience will not only serve as inspiration for others but will also debunk any COVID-19 myths that maybe doing the rounds. 

For any queries with regard to mental health support, feel free to give any of these numbers a ring. 

  • Aasra: +91 98204 66726
  • Fortis Stress Helpline: +9183768 04102
  • Parivarthan: +91 76766 02602
  • Cooj Mental Health Foundation: +832 2252525
  • Sneha Foundation: 044-24640050

Within 7 days post-discharge, a recovered COVID-19 patient must follow-up with their doctor. If they are still experiencing any discomfort, they should visit the nearest coronavirus health facility at the earliest. 

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13 Sep 2020

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