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Everything You Need To Know About Pantyliners

Everything You Need To Know About Pantyliners

While we all know that menstrual pads are a saviour during periods, but most of us look puzzled when it comes to pantyliners. Some of us even confuse it with regular menstrual pads and just assume that it’s just another name for them.

But the assumption is slightly different than the real deal. So read on to find out everything you would possibly need to know about panty liners, from answering the question ‘what are panty liners’ to describing you all the reasons you might want one handy in your bag!

What Are Panty Liners?

As the name suggests, panty liners are absorbent pieces of material that are used to line the inside of your underwear to protect it from vaginal discharge. Unlike conventional menstrual pads, panty liners are extremely thin and are great for everyday use. When it comes to panty liner sizes, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as they are available in many sizes! There are panty liners for thongs, for briefs, for bikinis, basically for everything!

Many women use one everyday irrespective of being on their periods, just so that they can feel fresher, cleaner, and overall more confident! They come in all shapes and sizes, and some brands even offer you scented options! Be it a thong or a bathing suit, there is a variation available for every need!

How Are Panty Liners Different From Sanitary Napkins

While both the products serve more or less the same purpose, there are some slight variations in their built and purpose. For starters, panty liners are narrower and more thinner as compared to sanitary napkins. While this lessens their capacity for absorption, it also makes them more comfortable to wear and less noticeable from outside, thus making them perfect for body hugging outfits.

Remember, panty liners are not designed to absorb the regular flow of your period, but are rather made to absorb any other form of vaginal discharge you may have! That being said, there are panty liners with wings and without wings, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!


Benefits Of Panty Liners

Now that you know exactly what panty liners are, we’ve got you a list of panty liner benefits that would help you decide whether you want them or not!

Keeps You Dry And Fresh All Day

Even when we’re not on our periods, something or the other keeps going on inside our vajayjay, the natural cleaning process makes way for vaginal discharge, which does not announce itself. So to keep your innerwear from getting damp, panty liners are there to save the occasion!

Can Be Your Companion When You Have A Light Flow

If you detest the feeling of wearing a sanitary napkin and can’t wait for your period to get over, then you can switch over to panty liners in your last days. While they might not be able to handle the heavy flow, you can definitely use a panty liner on the last days of your period when the flow is light. Not only will it keep you covered, but it won’t give you the heavy feeling that comes with wearing a sanitary napkin!

Gives You An Extra Layer Of Protection

If you’re not into sanitary napkins and are into tampons or menstrual cups, then you can use a panty liner to prevent any instance of ‘leakage’. Consider it as adding just an extra layer of protection on days when you have a heavy flow, better safe than sorry!

Can Be A Great Running Companion 

If you love to burn those calories by running, then you’ll definitely relate to this. While its great to hydrate while on the run, it’s not at all surprising when you suddenly lose a bit of the bladder control. Well, panty liners will be for your rescue!

For When There’s No Toilet Paper

Isn’t it annoying when you visit a public washroom and find that there is absolutely no toilet paper in the holder? Well, if you prefer a non-damp innerwear no matter what, then you absolutely have to have a panty liner in your handbag! It’s a saviour, trust us.

For When You Get Naughty Outdoors

For the days when you and your bae just can’t keep your hands off each other, even when you’re outside, panty liners are all you need to save you from that embarrassment. Trust us, these will be your best companion (after you boyfriend of course!) *wink*!

Now that you know about all the ways in which you could use a panty liner, go ahead and get yourself some!

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