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#BeautySchool: Everything You Need To Know About Natural Beauty

#BeautySchool: Everything You Need To Know About Natural Beauty

‘Natural’ beauty products, doesn’t that sound fancy? The number of natural skincare and haircare products are doubling by the second. Thanks to advertising campaigns, we are made to believe that these products are made from fresh herbs and fruits of the earth. While at face value, some of it may be true, there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. When a product is referred to as natural, it means that the ingredients used in them are sourced and extracted naturally, and have not been synthetically created. There’s not a trace of parabens, sodium lauryl, petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic dyes or colours in these products. But wait? Aren’t organic products the same thing? Apparently, not! There’s a fine line between natural and organic products too. So today is all about telling you everything that there is to know about natural beauty, decoding labels and some of our favourite natural beauty products. Let’s get to it.

What’s The Difference Between Natural And Organic Beauty?

Well, in order for a beauty product to pass as organic, it needs to go through a meticulous process of purity. To simplify this for you, these natural ingredients must be organically grown without the use of petroleum fertilizers, toxic chemicals, nanoparticles, sewage sludge fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or made by genetically modified organisms. There are very few brands in India that are organically certified as of now.

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Decoding A Label: Terms To Watch Out For When Buying ‘Natural’ Beauty Products

Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, whatever you put on it, it absorbs. A product containing fewer or no toxic ingredients at all is more likely to benefit and enhance your skin’s overall health and glow. The next time you pick up a natural beauty product from the store’s shelf, look out for these terms on the label.


1. Environment-Friendly

2. Eco-safe

3. Dermatologically Tested

4. Fragrance-Free


5. Hypoallergenic

6. Non-toxic

7. Certified Green

8. 100% Free From…


9. Sulphate-Free

10. Paraben-Free

A few product terms that you need to stay away from

1. Fragrance

2. Scented


3. Sulfates

4. Silicones

5. Mineral oils

6. Polyunsaturated Oils


7. Parabens

8. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate

When purchasing a natural beauty product, watch out for these red flags!

1. A long list of products

Sometimes, less is more. The number of ingredients mentioned on the label of the product, the less natural it is! It should sound natural and have minimal ingredients mentioned in the text.

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2. Complicated Ingredient Names You Can’t Pronounce

If an ingredient sounds fishy, avoid it by all means. Natural ingredients should sound familiar and uncomplicated. Always keep that in mind!

3. Products That Come In Plastic Bottles

The shelf life of a plastic bottle is shorter than a glass one. You see, plastic as an ingredient itself is toxic. If not used after a period of time, it could mix and react with the product’s ingredients. Using it on your skin can lead to rash, inflammations and breakouts. Always pick products that come in a glass or paper packaging. A lot of brands use reusable packaging which is a big yes!

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4. Water-Based Products Have Ulterior Motives

We’re not saying that all water-based products are toxic to use. However, if they pass their expiry date and you still use them, you could get your skin in trouble. Since water breeds bacteria, a product that’s kept unused can fall victim to contamination. A safer option would be to invest in powder textured dehydrated products that are packed with natural ingredients. The kind that needs to be mixed with water for a hassle-free application.



Not All Natural Products Have To Be Expensive

Now that you know everything about natural beauty products, you should also know that natural beauty always doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, under 1,000 bucks, you can pick any of these babies up!

1. Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Sandalwood & Turmeric (Rs 475)

2. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub (Rs 199)


3. The Nature’s Co. White Tea Night Cream (Rs 955)

4. Wild Earth Peach Grapes & Cherry Blossom Body Butter (Rs 550)

5. Raw Rituals Lemon Lip Butter (Rs 200)

6. Khadi Neem, Basil and Mint Face Mask (Rs 120)


Safe and happy shopping, ladies!

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10 Apr 2018

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