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Metallic Magic: Everything You Need To Know About The Foil Eyeshadow Trick

Metallic Magic: Everything You Need To Know About The Foil Eyeshadow Trick




We spoke about how to make your concealer last longer yesterday and today, we’re going to talk about how to do that with your eyeshadow. Allow me to introduce you to a makeup trick called foil eyeshadow. In a nutshell, it involves mixing metallic eyeshadow either in its liquid or powder form with a setting spray, water or a primer to intensify the colour and make the eyeshadow last longer. It’s a fantastic makeup trick for those living in hot and humid places as you won’t have to worry if your eyeshadow will fade, smudge or crease. 

How To Apply Foil Eyeshadow On Your Lids?



Colours to play around with are bronze, gold, silver and copper. Metallics in this case since they resemble a foil texture. How to apply a foil eyeshadow, you ask? We’ll teach you!

Step 1: Use a cleansing creme or a face wash you clean your lids so that’s free from oil, dirt and product residue. 

Step 2: To create a base for your eyeshadow, apply primer on the lids. 


Step 3: Pick some metallic eyeshadow product with a brush and wet it with a tiny bit of setting spray. (Remember, the brush needs to be damp and not drenched with setting spray) 


Step 4: Since the eyeshadow product tends to easily dry up and become clumpy, you have to be quick while applying the eyeshadow. 

Step 5: Avoid sweeping across the product on your lids, gently pat the product slowly all over the lids. 

This technique will give you better coverage and make your eyeshadow last for a longer time. Also, the foil eyeshadow can be applied alone or on top of a base eyeshadow colour like a brown, grey or dull golden – That’s up to you to decide. If you don’t have a setting spray to mix the eyeshadow product, then you can use a drop of water or a primer to give your eyeshadow that liquid-rich metal texture. Happy experimenting!

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14 Jul 2020

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