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Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Why You Should Double Mask & How To Do It The Right Way

Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Why You Should Double Mask & How To Do It The Right Way

As the COVID-19 crisis worsens by the day in India, it is paramount that we, as responsible citizens, do our bit to stop the spread of the virus. The most important thing you can do right now is to stay indoors because the best chance of survival is to avoid contracting the virus at all. However, we understand that not all of us have the luxury to stay at home 24/7. So whether you are an essential worker or are going out for an extremely urgent task, following all safety precautions is key.

By now we’re all aware of the basic precautions one needs to take while stepping outdoors—wear a mask, don’t touch your face and sanitise everything! However, doctors are now suggesting that if we want added protection, wearing one mask isn’t enough. The solution? Double masking. But why is it important and how exactly do you do it? We’re breaking it down for you:

Why Do You Need To Double Mask?

According to healthcare experts, there are several safety benefits of wearing two masks when you are outdoors. First, they fit more snugly over your face, so air does not get in from the sides or the bottom. This way, respiratory droplets containing the virus have a negligible chance of entering your mask and infecting you.

Secondly, wearing two masks adds another level of filtration before you inhale air. This way, respiratory droplets containing the SARS-CoV-2 virus gets filtered out from the air you breathe in.


What’s The Right Way To Double Mask?

To double mask, you simply need to layer two face masks, one on top of the other. However, you cannot just use any two masks. According to the US Center For Disease Control (CDC), the best way to double mask is to wear a surgical mask first, and layer a cloth mask on top of it.

Any other mask combination, like layering two surgical masks, two cloth masks or two N95 masks are not recommended by the CDC.

So remember to double mask if you really need to step out. And don’t forget to sanitise and practice social distancing!

Featured Image: Pexels/Unspash

27 Apr 2021

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