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Elastic Hair Ties Are An Absolute No-No For Your Tresses & Here’s Why

Elastic Hair Ties Are An Absolute No-No For Your Tresses & Here’s Why

Ever wondered why your average elastic band from high school days has been missing a spot on the hair favourites list? Though an all-time-fave for updos, there’s a reason why hair ties have hit the bottom of the pile for Gen Z and hair experts alike. As convenient as they may be, some, unfortunately, don’t treat your hair well. So today, we’re spilling the tea on why stretchy hair ties just don’t cut it anymore and, of course, listed alternatives to ensure your elastic bands remain lost… Where they belong!!

Here’s Why You Need To Ditch Your Traditional Hair Ties, Stat!


Long story short: hair ties are a no-no because they inevitably damage your hair follicles. Yes, it’s the easiest and quickest way to pull your hair from your face. But they damage your strands by tugging, pulling, and sometimes harming the cuticle altogether. They bring serious damage to your locks due to three reasons: overstretching, receding hairlines, and follicle damage.

Overstretching basically refers to your hair’s elasticity. It means how long a single strand of hair can stretch before it returns to its original state. To check your hair elasticity, all you need to do is wet a hair strand and stretch it until it snaps. An instant snap equals low elasticity, a partial stretch indicates medium, and a long stretch exhibit high elasticity. Tight ponytails stretch the hair follicles past the safe limit which is 20 to 30 per cent, which is then especially harmful if your locks have low elasticity! Now a receding hairline may sound dramatic, but an overly tight, snatched bun or pony can cause breakage on the hairline from the tension and weight of the hair. For fine hair, it’s okay to use a fine version but for those blessed with super heavy hair, use a looser band if you want a top knot or ponytail. Finally, hair follicle damage! Follicles are the tunnel-shaped outer layer of your strands. And hair ties are your follicle’s worst nightmare. Super tight, snatched updos strain your locks while damaging hair follicles. Also, do not sleep with your hair in an elastic

Our Fave Alternatives To Hair Ties That Are Also High On Style


Ready to kiss snatched ponytails goodbye? Keep scrolling for uber-stylish hair accessories that’ll keep your hair off your face sans the damage!

Jumbo Scrunchies FTW!

It is no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker was always working towards pushing the fashion horizon around the ‘90s and was often seen accentuating her hair with jumbo scrunchies. The effortlessly cool organza scrunchies are taking the center stage once again. They are super cute and they help minimize the appearance of frizz or creases!

Claw Clips For A Chic Look!

We all have celebs like Kendal Jenner to thank for bringing the ’90s hair claws back into our lives. But the quintessentially ‘90s trend has been distilled into a more refined look to fit 2022. Made for all hair types and textures, sweep your twists and jumbo braids away from your face with this beauty!

Silk Scrunchies To Pamper Your Strands

Harder on the pocket but so easy on your hair, this scrunchie should be on top of your Wishlist. Designed to protect your hair from creasing, the silk set of large and pretty scrunchies sings your hair to sleep.

Add these to your cart, ‘coz they’ll be gone in a flash!

Featured Image: Pexels

06 May 2022

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