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Is Nikki Tamboli Trying To Be The Next Shehnaaz? Here’s All About The BB 14 Contestant

Is Nikki Tamboli Trying To Be The Next Shehnaaz? Here’s All About The BB 14 Contestant

Three days in the Bigg Boss 14 house and Nikki Tamboli has already been in three fights with three different people. It hasn’t been even half a week since the show started and yet we know Nikki well enough to say that, when meddled with, she will definitely get into more fights. Just FYI, her first fight in the Bigg Boss house broke because of her nails and the fact that she refused to do dishes so as to save her manicure!

That said, the actor is quick to bury the hatchet and make peace as she is to declare war. The way she hugged it out with Sara Gurpal in last night’s episode proves it. The audience is of course divided. Some think that she has a clear heart and a tendency to blurt out everything that’s on her mind, a quality that not everyone reacts to very well.

But there’s another faction that thinks that all of it is part of an act. That her way of talking about her self obsession is all being interpreted as an attempt to be the Shehnaaz Gill of Bigg Boss 14. However, say what you may, Nikki is clearly one of the most entertaining contestants in Bigg Boss 14 so far. And even if you don’t find her exactly agreeable, we are pretty sure that you’d be interested in finding out more about this interesting personality. Well, here’s everything that you need to know about the South Indian actress:


South Indian But Not Really 

Though Nikki might have mostly worked in the South Indian film industry, she isn’t exactly a ‘South Indian Actress’ per se. She hails from the historic town of Aurangabad in Maharashtra and is actually a Marathi mulgi! She was born in 1996, completed her education from Aurangabad, and then went on pursuing her movie dreams through Tamil and Telugu films. 

Career So Far

Nikki made her film debut with Adith Arun’s 2019 Telugu movie Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu. She has also been seen in other major films like Kanchana 3 and Thippara Meesam. She has appeared in a number of commercials too. The model-actor enjoys a great fan base in South India and is positive that they’ll be supporting her through the Bigg Boss journey as well. 

She had earlier shared in interaction with a media daily, “I feel proud that I come from the South industry. People have already seen Hindi TV actors, even if they are popular I don’t care because I only care about myself. My south industry is fully supporting me. People sitting in the South will watch Hindi Bigg Boss for me, I think it is great. Hindi TV actors might be popular but they also become image-conscious, they try to be nice and sweet in Bigg Boss, they can’t take stand for themselves. Last year also there were image-conscious TV actors. People don’t know me here, so it will be beneficial for me.”


Her Favourite Bigg Boss Contestants 

As revealed by her in the premiere episode, Nikki is a huge Bigg Boss fan, has watched most of the seasons, and also has two favourites from them. Guess who they might be? Nikki shares, “I have followed past seasons of Bigg Boss and Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan are my favourite contestants.” Well, the actor is surely in luck given that she would be spending two weeks in the Bigg Boss house with two of her favourite BB winners. 

Style Quotient 

Loved Nikki’s aubergine dress from the premiere episode? Well brace yourself for the actor is yet to give us many more stylish moments. Nikki revealed in another interview that she hired three stylists for her Bigg Boss appearance who have helped her curate an array of glamorous outfits and a total of 18 lehengas for the house.


Loved Nikki’s glam look from the show? Here’s how to ace it:

So fam, how far do you think Nikki would go in Bigg Boss 14?

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Oct 2020

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