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Watch Out! 8 “Harmless” Ways You Are Risking Your Health

We encounter risk head-on numerous times a day, given the times we live in. No, this is not an endeavour to scare you. (Don’t you dare call in sick at work and blame it on us!) We’re just taking it upon us to inform you about some casual daily practices we’ve been indulging in that COULD pose a major risk to our health and well-being. Read on to know more…


1. Swigging From Gym Bottles

At least the ones you press open and shut with your fingers. The germs (E. coli, to be precise) from your sweaty skin get transferred to the opening, which you then put into your mouth. Not the most healthy gym routine any more, is it?

Health At Risk 1

2. Spending Too Much Time Indoors

Shocking as it sounds – especially in this heat – spending too much time indoors can actually be more harmful than doing so outside! Because you’re breathing stale air. And this applies especially to new buildings – house paints and cleaning products give off something called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be accepted by our body only up to a certain point, beyond which, they can pose a threat to the central nervous system. No wonder our parents have always been in favour of playing outdoors!

3. Popping Open That Microwave Popcorn Pack

Not like microwave popcorn was going to do us any good anyway! Besides that, the UV heat rays of the microwave that have always been under debate; and some scientists in Toronto have discovered that the non-greasy packet in which these popcorns are packaged contain chemicals that are “likely carcinogens (cancer-causing)” that migrate to the corns we finally eat. Worth the risk?

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4. Using Naphthalene Balls

We’ve all seen our mommies empty a packet or two when boxing winter clothing around the onset of summer. And yes, we’ve been asked to steer clear of so much as touching them, and rightly so! Even inhaling the Naphthalene in these mothballs can cause some irreparable nervous system damage. So, hold that nose close and wear them gloves the next time you’re waving byebye to the winter!

5. Not Having Regular Sex

Hey, we’re not making this up! It’s been proven scientifically that sex relieves stress, burns calories and thus leads to a healthier life. Don’t act like you didn’t know that. With today’s faced-paced world – given the number of long hours we put in at work and commute – sex could be a healthy end (or start, if you’re into that!) to the day!

Health At Risk 5

6. Sleeping Too Much

Yes, the slumber gods are against us. We already know that sleeping too little can lead to weight gain, thus reducing your lifespan, but a recent study has also revealed that people who sleep more than nine hours a day are at 41% percent higher risk of heart disease. Take that, Kumbhakarna!

Health At Risk

7. Wearing Super-Skinny Jeans

You already know they don’t let your skin breathe. Now, get this – if you wear super-skinny jeans, you’re running the risk of potential nerve damage. When compressed, the nerve that runs down your thigh (the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve), can be sent into overdrive and can cause extreme pain and throbbing. So, go easy on those super-expensive pencil jeans!

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06 May 2016

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