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BFFs To Nemesis In Seconds: 9 Hella Relatable Things For Every 20-Something Sibling

BFFs To Nemesis In Seconds: 9 Hella Relatable Things For Every 20-Something Sibling

Siblings hold a special place in our lives- sometimes they are our closest confidantes and BFFs while other times they are a huge pain in our arses. Well, that’s how I feel about my brother and I’m pretty sure most other people have relationships like that with their sibling too.

While the bond between siblings is always special, it morphs into something even better when we grow a bit older and reach our 20s. From being our constants and having our backs to giving us free ka gyaan and an I-told-you-so look, our siblings are those annoying beings that we cannot do without.

Things Every 20-Something Sibling Will Relate To

Ever looked at your bro or sis and felt ‘what a dumbass’? And the next moment realised that you would not change them for the world? If yes, then congrats, you and your siblings are officially adults now and find these instances quite relatable.

Crush or Crash Is Your Fave Game To Play

If you and your siblings do not discuss your latest crushes, then are you even siblings? And, let us admit it, there is no better investigator in this world than a sister who is determined to find out every single detail of your crush on social media. TBH, approving, disapproving, and finding new crushes with your sibling is like the best game in the world.


You Share OTT Passwords

You and your brother or sister have the best web series and movie recommendations for each other and nope, you do not even need Google for that. You guys always know what’s trending and what’s worth watching. And the best part? You both share the same handles on all the OTT platforms so you ALWAYS know what the other one is watching. 

2 AM Calls Are A Given

Do you know what’s worse than drunk dialing your ex? Drunk dialing your sibling at 2 AM and telling them how much you love them. They will record everything that you say and enjoy every single minute of it for the rest of your lives. 

Though that does not mean that we’ll stop ourselves from calling our brothers and sisters in the middle of the night to cry our hearts out over a breakup or to ask for a kickass spaghetti recipe.

Family Functions Are More Bearable

Believe it or not, but all the ‘beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho‘ kinda questions become a lot more tolerable at a family gathering when your sibling is by your side. From coming up with quirky answers like ‘auntie, shaadi toh ho gayi, were you not invited?’ to avoiding judgemental glares like a pro, your siblings make these functions hell more fun! 


Secret Trips Remain Secret

Your parents would never know where you were during the second year of your grad school but your siblings do. You were far away on a vacation, enjoying yourself with your besties and indulging in some fun recreational activities, and guess who covered your tracks while you were at it? That’s right, your sibling! The art of keeping such random trips a secret from your parents is a tradition started by you and your sibling and it’s not going to change, ever.

You’ve Got A Personal Relationship Guru

Your sibling is your relationship Guru and you are their personal relationship counselor (unofficially, of course). You guys share every relationship problem with each other because honestly, there’s hardly anyone in the world who gets you as well as they do. Rest assured, if your relationship is successful today, then one-third credit definitely goes to your sibling.

They’re Your In-House Stylist

From sharing outfits and accessories to trying different makeup hacks and hairstyles, having a sibling is super fun because you know that your personal stylist is with you all the time. Also, there are no two ways about the fact that your brother and sister are THE BEST photographers in the world.

You’ve Got Someone In Your Corner, Always

If there’s someone in the world who hates that person who gives you unsolicited advice or comments on your looks more than you, then it’s your sibling. Seriously, NOBODY insults my sister or brother in front of me and except for me. It’s definitely not the stunt that we advise you to perform, ever!


Together, You’re The A-Team

Admit it, your mom and dad have long given up on you and your sibling. We may play the blame game in front of our parents on trivial matters, but when it comes to serious discussions like weddings or careers, you have always got each other’s back. You guys are the dream team that no one can ever break.

Aww, it’s good to be reminded how much we love the ‘adopted one’ in our family.

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01 Apr 2021

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