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Every Bride NEEDS To Ask Her Makeup Artist These 7 Questions!

Every Bride NEEDS To Ask Her Makeup Artist These 7 Questions!

Wedding prep is crazy fun! So while your dad’s busy with the tent-wala, mom with the caterer and all the cousins are off to the choreographer, you’ve got to take charge of the make-up artist. Here are 12 questions you must ask your makeup artist in advance of the wedding day.


1. Come to me, will you?

Do I have to come to your salon to get ready or would you be able to come over to my place or at the wedding venue? If you come to my location, does that involve extra charge?

1 makeup artist

2. Can you do a trial run?

So that I know what my make-up will look like on the wedding day. Can you do that? Will there be an extra charge for this?

3. Do I need to bring flowers and hair jewellery?

Will you be carrying them or should I need arrange for it? Anything else you want ME to carry?

4. What make-up brands do you use?

What products will you use on my skin? Are they safe for sensitive skin? And can I bring in my own products?

4 makeup artist

5. You’ll do my Kareenawala look?

I want to send you the hair and make-up inspirations I really want for my wedding day. Could you replicate the same for me?


6. Will my make-up bleed or crack?

I hope the make-up will stay on for the long hours and not crack from the heat. How will you do this?

7. How long do I need in the make-up chair?

I don’t want to be late for the ceremony. How much time will it take to turn me into a bride?!

7 makeup artist

8. Is there any pre-wedding prep that I need?

Do I wash my hair a day before? When should I get my last facial and threading done? Do you have suggestions for any specific skin or hair prep? How many days before the wedding should I get these done?

9. Will you dress me too?

My duppatta, manicure, saree or lehenga draping – will you do all of it?

10. Are you two timing me?

How many bridal appointments do you have on the same day? I don’t want you to rush me on my wedding day!

10 makeup artist

11. Do you have an emergency hotline?

What if you fall ill or have some personal emergency? Do you have back up artists?

12. Can I speak to other brides?

Can you provide a few references? It’s an important day and I want to be sure. 

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05 May 2016

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