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10 Things No Girl Can Live Without (Or Should Even Try To!)

While it’s so tempting sometimes to literally pack everything in our (already huge) tote bags, we know we must narrow it down to the essentials! Not only do our shoulders curse us, we also end up looking like hobos carrying around everything we own! Don’t worry, though. We help you decipher what you truly need at all times – a definitive list of things we girls cannot live without!

1. Ear Phones

Not only do we need music as our early morning pick-me-up, we also need our ear phones at times to simply drown out the crowd. Need to focus on a presentation? Plug in those ear phones and plug out the rest of the world!

essentials for your bag

2. A Bottle of Water

Every single time we leave our bottle of H2O at home, we end up regretting it almost instantly. It’s important for us to keep hydrating ourselves, and no other liquid will cut it! Carry your own bottle of water to ensure you don’t have to borrow or look around for a decent shop that sells mineral water.

essentials for your bag

3. Breath Mints

What if you suddenly have an important meeting? What if you have an impromptu date? What if you’ve had too much onion for lunch? The possibilities are endless! At the risk of sounding too dramatic, always carry some chewing gum or breath mint with you. You really never know when you will need it!

essentials for your bag

4. A Really Good BB Cream

Speaking of that date, you know as well as we do that you *really* don’t want to show up looking like something the cat dragged in. Carry the new Pond’s BB Cream, which will ensure great coverage and make your face instantly spotless and radiant! BB creams are such a God-send for any girl who doesn’t feel like lugging around an entire vanity case, because they do the job of multiple products like concealers, foundations, moisturizers etc. An absolute must-have for every girl on the go!

essentials for your bag

5. A Power Bank

Firstly, we live in the smartphone generation; secondly, we click way too many selfies! (Who are you kidding? We know you do.) Our phone batteries are bound to run out! Instead of hemming and hawing about this every single day, just find a solution and carry it naa! Yup, put that power bank in your handbag, now!

essentials for your bag

6. A Stole

Every girl knows that ACs at malls, movie theatres and restaurants are perpetually conspiring against us! Yep, it’s better to have a stole than to turn into a popsicle every other day. Carry one that isn’t too bulky and fits into any handbag.

essentials for your bag

7. Period Protection

Because Murphy’s Law is a real thing – we always get our period either too early or too late – or worse still, when we are wearing white! Why go around asking every girl you see if she’s carrying an extra one when you can have ‘to be on the safe side’ stash in your handbag?

essentials for your bag

8. A Pen

What if you suddenly have to sign some cheques? Okay, belonging-to-the-Ambani-family fantasies apart, every girl should always carry a pen with her! You could need it to fill a form or you could need it to get an autograph, but it’s no fun asking around for a pen when you suddenly need one. (Helpful tip: Carry a decent one that is cute to look at and doesn’t leak inside your favourite bag!)

essentials for your bag

9. A Pair Of Sunglasses

The sun can be quite relentless, so you should always have your “glares” with you. A cool pair of sunglasses can actually amp up your outfit in a matter of seconds! Why do you think celebrities always sport them? They’ve also been seen around at baraats nowadays, a happy new addition to wedding style, huh? You heard it here first!

essentials for your bag

10. A Perfume

Smell fresh as a daisy all the time! Not only does smelling good add oodles of confidence to your demeanor, but it also leaves a lasting impression on the people you meet. Lots of perfume brands have these handy tester bottles in the form of small tubes that are super-easy to lug around. You’re welcome! 😉

essentials for your bag

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*This is a sponsored post for Ponds BB Cream.

Ponds BB cream

06 May 2016

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