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11 ‘Holi Ke Baad’ Beauty Tips For *Every* Indian Girl!

11 ‘Holi Ke Baad’ Beauty Tips For *Every* Indian Girl!

Holi is that one day of the year that we all look forward to. With all the parties, loud Bollywood music, delicious food (gujiya, anyone?), the festival of colours is all about having a blast! But, we have to admit, it makes a mess that takes forever to go away. As much as we love this awesome festival, we just hate the aftermath. Don’t we, girls? This season, use these 11 simple skin-care hacks to get rid of stubborn stains and have the most fabulous holi ever!


1. Cover up!

skin care tips for holi 1

First things first, always wear clothes that cover your body, to protect it from strong colours. All we’re saying is, instead of putting on your old gunji, go for a full-sleeved kurti. Physical protection from colours will be your safest bet – at least to begin with!

2. Coconut oil to the rescue

Remember when your granny insisted that coconut oil is that one miracle product that’ll get you out of every kind of beauty dilemma? Well, we’re with her on this one! On holi, before you head out for the day, make sure to lather on your choice of coconut oil on your hair, as well as your body. It’ll make getting cleaned up twice as easy!

3. Don’t wait for the colours to dry

Once you’re home, don’t let the colours stay on for too long. Wash it off as soon as you get the chance to! If you’ve dealing with colours that are stubborn then we suggest picking up the Clean & Clear Face Wash. It’ll leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed without over-drying it! The product comes in a handy-sized pack so you can carry it around and slyly clean your face, every chance you get. Shh! It can be our little secret. *Wink*

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4. Lipsticks for the win

Well no, you don’t have to look any less glamourous on holi. You can actually dress up in baggy clothes, oil your hair and yet look ah-mazing. Beauty hack? You favourite lippy! It will not only protect your lips from colour stains but will also keep them hydrated.

5. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Dehydration causes skin to dry out and this, along with the added chemicals you’re dealing with on holi, can cause damage that is hard to repair. Also, the sun will be shining bright so it’s always good to take preventive measures to protect it from damage. Make sure to take a break every hour and grab yourself a tall glass of water!

skin care tips for holi 5

6. Take a warm water shower

While a steaming hot shower may seem tempting after a hard day spent partying –  we strongly advise against it. Hot water can further dry out your skin. Instead take a shower with lukewarm water!

7. For the troublesome stains – use some lemon juice!

After washing your face, gently rub a lemon slice on your face. Lemon has bleaching properties and is considered as one of the best natural cleansers. Use it for the remaining colour stains on your face, especially the problem areas!

skin care tips for holi 7

8. Moisturise well

After washing, rubbing and scrubbing – your skin deserves to be pampered! Use a generous amount of moisturiser on your entire body after taking a shower. This will help get rid of roughness and make sure your skin stays glowing, all day long!

9. Use organic colours

This is SO important! Going the organic way is the new trend, and it’s time we welcome it with open arms. Organic colours are chemical-free, easy to wash off and so much gentler to your skin!

skin care tips for holi 9

10. Get rid of chemicals with a gentle scrub

After all the harshness caused, it can be a hard task to keep your skin looking and feeling gorgeous. Take our advice and get scrubbing! It’s always an excellent idea to get rid off the dead skin layer, especially when it’s covered with chemicals. It’ll give your skin a chance to breathe.

11. Use a face wash that’s gentle on your skin (We prefer Clean & Clear!)

skin care tips for holi 11

Well, it’s not about taking care of your skin on this one particular day! It’s about developing a healthy skin care routine that pampers your skin. And for that you need to be armed with the right products. We rely on the Clean & Clear Face Wash to keep our skin feeling clean, fresh and radiant, every single day of the year!

*This is a sponsored post for Clean & Clear. It’ll gently cleanse the most stubborn colours stuck in your facial pores and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. It’ll also protect your skin from all the damages from the colours and pollution. Keep your skin safe on Holi and every day thereafter using Clean & Clear face wash!

08 Mar 2017

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