10 Erotic Poems To Get Him In The Naughty Mood Tonight

Samantha NairSamantha Nair  |  Jul 17, 2018
10 Erotic Poems To Get Him In The Naughty Mood Tonight


Art and sex are often intertwined because they go well together, don’t you think? We are huge fans of erotic poetry, there is no better way to get down to foreplay than with sexy poetry that will get him in the mood. You can light some candles, put on some sexy lingerie and whisper these sweet nothings into his ear. Here are a few poems from Instagram to get him all handy tonight! 

1. From The Romantic

erotic poems

2. Time To Play Some Music

erotic poems2

3. For The Submissive One

erotic poems3

4. Things Are Getting Hot In Here

erotic poems4

5. So Shut Up & Kiss Me

erotic poems5

6. I’m Getting Goosebumps

erotic poems6

7. The Happy Ending

erotic poems7

Are you ready, ladies?

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