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Erica Fernandes Has Been Dating Someone For Three Years Now &  It’s Not Parth Samthaan

Erica Fernandes Has Been Dating Someone For Three Years Now & It’s Not Parth Samthaan

Been thinking Erica Fernandes and Parth Samthaan aka apne Prerna Anurag from Kasautii Zindagii Kay are a real-life couple all this while? Well, you are not to be blamed for Erica and Parth do share some sizzling on-screen chemistry that’s hard to miss. Naturally, conclusions have been drawn. The show is about to complete two years in September and ever since the premiere, rumours have been going rife about the possibility of a romance brewing between the two leads. 

Well #AnuPreians, Erica has some news that might not go down too well with you. In a recent interview with TV and radio host Siddharth Kannan, the actress spilled the beans on her love life. Turns out the actress has been in a committed relationship for three years now and sorry to crush your expectations but it is has nothing to do with Parth.

When asked if her beau happens to be someone whom we know, Erica ended all speculations by replying, “I don’t think so, because he is not from the industry.” Erica also shared that while her partner does enjoy watching her on the screen, it is not always fun and games when it comes to her romantic scenes. “He does like watching a little bit of my work but he doesn’t like to watch when I romance any other guy. He gets up and walks off, like, ‘I don’t want to watch,” she said.

In fact, the actress made the decision of coming out and sharing the details about her love life because all the link-up rumours were in some way or the other taking a toll on their relationship. It was only earlier this year, that the actress had shared a picture of her hand in her boyfriend’s along with a romantic caption. “When I’m with you, I act differently, in a good way of course. I always smile more ☺️, I always laugh more,” she wrote and instantly set the gossip mills churning about a possible engagement and Erica and Parth making their relationship Insta official.

That said, during the interview, Erica also shared that the two share an amazing bond and happen to be the best of friends. Speaking about their relationship, she further added, “Aisa nahi hai ki relationships mein ups and downs nahi hote. Hote zaroor hai. Woh understanding hona bohot zaroori hai ki jab koi gussa hai toh doosra chup rahe aur samjhe. Baad mein, jab sab kuch cool down ho, tab hum discuss karein (It is not like relationships don’t have their ups and downs. They definitely do. It is important to have that understanding, that if one is angry, the other remains calm. Later, when tempers cool down, then we have a discussion). I think that thing is there between us and that is how we have held it together.”

Well, Anurag-Prerna fam, han thoda dard hua par chalta hai, right?

 Featured Image: Instagram 

28 Jun 2020

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