13 Stunning Engagement Poses To Make Your Photoshoot A Memorable One!

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Nov 29, 2021
best engagement poses


Every special occasion deserves a photoshoot, and your engagement is no different! It marks the formal beginning of your eternal love story, and the occasion needs to be memorable. Many couples celebrate their engagement with creative photoshoots to capture their beautiful moments together. It’s a no-brainer that you’d want the pictures of such a special occasion to be nothing less than perfect! Whether you’re looking for fun, playful engagement poses or sweet and romantic engagement photo ideas, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a roundup of some of the most stunning engagement poses that you can take inspiration from. 

Engagement Photo Poses

Ever came across celebrity engagement photos that made you go ‘aww’? Well, the good news is that you can also take inspiration from these engagement photo poses to have the sweetest engagement pics that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to click loved-up couple pictures, or selfies to flaunt your ring, below are some engagement photo poses to inspire your own gorgeous pictures.

Candid Proposal Photo

Candid Proposal Photo - Best engagement photo ideas
Unsplash– Candid Proposal Photo – Best engagement photo ideas

What better way to announce the news of your engagement than with a photo of the proposal? However, capturing a candid proposal photo may take some pre-planning. You might have to arrange for a photographer who can secretly take pictures as you propose to the love of your life. If not, you can also recreate your proposal at the exact same location for the engagement photoshoot! 

Flaunt Your Chemistry

Flaunt Your Chemistry - Best engagement photoshoot poses
Instagram– Flaunt Your Chemistry – Best engagement photoshoot poses

Looking for a romantic engagement pose for your photoshoot? Let your chemistry do all the talking! You’ll want your engagement photos to reflect the special bond that you two share, and displaying affection for your partner is the best way to capture the connection between you two.   

Playful Pose  

Playful Pose - engagement poses
Unsplash– Playful Pose – engagement poses

If you and your partner aren’t fond of the lovey-dovey poses, then you can instead opt for a fun and playful engagement pose like this one! This picture not only beautifully captures the playful dynamic between the couple, but also helps flaunt the engagement ring.

Candid Engagement Pose

Candid Engagement Pose - engagement photo poses
Instagram– Candid Engagement Poseengagement photo poses

Nothing beats the charm of a candid pose that portrays your happiness. We’re loving how Freida Pinto announced her engagement to Cory Tran with some amazing engagement photoshoot poses that captured her joy as well as her blingy ring! 

Engagement Couple Poses

Wanna announce your engagement on social media by posting pictures from your photoshoot? Not only can you post pictures of your engagement rings, but you can also share some romantic pictures with bae! If you’re looking for some adorable engagement couple poses for your photoshoot, check them out below.

Twirl Away!

Twirl Away! -  best engagement couple poses
Unsplash– Twirl Away –  best engagement couple poses

If you were looking for a fun engagement photo pose, look no further! Being clicked while dancing together, especially against the beautiful backdrop of the beach, can help you get some mesmerizing pictures that you’ll surely look back fondly at. 

All Smiles

All Smiles -engagement couple poses
Instagram– All Smiles -engagement couple poses

They say ‘photography is the art of making memories tangible’. It’s true! Your engagement photoshoot pictures can capture how truly happy you are. We’re especially loving this engagement photo pose that can help you flaunt not just your happiness, but also your shiny rock. 

Silhouette Portrait

Silhouette Portrait - engagement photoshoot poses
Instagram– Silhouette Portrait – engagement photoshoot poses

Here’s an engagement pose that camera-shy couples can try! Silhouette portraits look really adorable and romantic especially when taken at sunset. You can take silhouette pictures by the beach, or even at locations that hold special significance to your relationship.

Aerial View

Aerial View - engagement photo ideas
Instagram- Aerial View – engagement photo ideas

There’s something really special and romantic about an aerial click at the beach! If you’re looking for something different than the usual lovey-dovey poses, give this engagement couple pose a try. 

Engagement Ring Poses

So he did put a ring on it, and all you wanna do is shout it out from the top of the world! What better way to announce your engagement on Instagram than by flaunting that shiny new rock? Here are some creative engagement ring poses that you can take cues from!  

‘Follow Me’ Ring Photo

Follow Me’ Ring Photo - engagement ring poses
Instagram– ‘Follow Me’ Ring Photo – engagement ring poses

The ‘follow me’ pose has been quite a rage on Instagram for the last few years. Flaunt your shiny ring in this beautiful engagement ring pose that not only captures your ring, but also portrays your intent of being together and following each other wherever life takes you.  

Keep It Subtle!

Keep It Subtle! - engagement ring poses
Instagram– Keep It Subtle – engagement ring poses

Your engagement ring poses need not necessarily be over-the-top! If you’re looking for a simple engagement pose to flaunt your ring, take cues from these beautiful pictures posted by Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Hold Hands

Hold Hands - best engagement ring poses ideas
Unsplash– Hold Hands – best engagement ring poses ideas

If you feel uncomfortable or unnatural facing the camera, you can simply choose to hold hands and show off your ring. Announce your engagement on social media with this beautiful photo along with a heartfelt caption. 

Show Off Your Ring With A Hug

Show Off Your Ring With A Hug - best engagement photo poses
Unsplash– Show off your ring with a hug – best engagement photo poses

Hugs are a powerful way to communicate silently and show your love for your bae. This engagement pose is oh-so-dreamy, and can be perfect for your engagement announcement on Instagram! 

Cosy Engagement Pose

Cosy Engagement Pose - Best Engagement poses with ring
Instagram– Cosy Engagement Pose – Best Engagement poses with ring

Here’s an engagement ring pose that you’re surely going to love! Flaunt your happiness and your massive engagement ring with this adorable pose. 

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Featured Image: Freida Pinto on Instagram, Unsplash