7 Nail Art Design Ideas To Really Flaunt Your Engagement Ring In Style

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Sep 27, 2021
7 Nail Art Design Ideas To Really Flaunt Your Engagement Ring In Style


I’ll be honest, every time my boyfriend plans a romantic getaway to the hills or beach, I feel like a big proposal is coming my way. I imagine make-belief scenarios of how he’ll do it, either on the sandy shores while I’m in a cute dress or in a secluded resort in the woods where my closest friends and family would jump out of the hidden bushes to surprise me as soon as I’ve said yes.

C’mon don’t act like you guys haven’t thought about these things too.

My biggest fear in my fake scenarios however is, that when he does propose, my nails are ugly and chipped and none of the close-up photographs are worth showing anyone. So, if you’re on my team of wanting to have perfectly painted nails during your proposal then I’ve got just the nail art designs that you’re going to want to bookmark.

Nail Art Designs That’s Going To Make That Diamond Glimmer Even More

Sparkly Nails

You’re the centre of attention and it’s your time to shine so go ahead and get some nude and gold nails. They’re stunning and eye-catching and your princess cut diamond is going to match your digits perfectly.

Hint Of French

Of course, French nails are going to forever be on-trend but this nail art design with the outline of Frenchies is just the right amount of fashionable and subtle. The white will make any stone pop and will go with both gold or platinum- whatever your fiance chooses for your ring.

All About Love

Love is in the air and these tiny heart nails will match your mood extremely well. They’re white so they won’t look overbearing and distracting and add the tiniest amount of element of fun to the moment.

Keep It Simple, Silly

For all of you who like to keep it chic and elegant, nothing compares to this. It’s timeless and will match every outfit that you choose to wear and will let your ring be the centre of attention.

Glittery Goddess

Another classic design but this time with an extra something! Bookmark this one because it’s high on shine and the hints of glitter just give it that celebratory feel. It’ll totally match with your post-engagement champagne glass.

Floral Frenchies

Those of you who like to keep everything easy-breezy will love these floral French nails. They have an element of fun but are still muted and subdued in some ways. Your summer beach proposal will feel cheerful and gleeful with these digits.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

A hint of nude and a sprinkle of glitter- what’s not to love? The shades are universal and your engagement ring will pop so well with them.

Just a pro-tip- if you want your nail art design to look fresh and fabulous throughout, top it off with some top coat so if it does get stained, you can just remove it and reapply to make your nail paint look as good as new.

Which of these are you saving for your future proposal?

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