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7 Emotional Bollywood Scenes You Can’t Watch Without A Box of Tissues

7 Emotional Bollywood Scenes You Can’t Watch Without A Box of Tissues

Venting out your emotions is one of the best things to do if you are feeling overwhelmed. But it’s also not as easy as it sounds. Wanna know what I do? Watch a good ol’ emotional movie. NGL fam, it’s a tried and tested method that works every single time. It makes me all mushy, I end up shedding a tear or two (read a whole bucket) and sleep like a baby later. Yes, it sounds a little weird, but trust us, senti Bollywood films are one of the best ways to let out your emotions.

So, if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately (oh girl, we all have), then grab your box of tissues because we are taking you on an emotional ride today. We have found some of the most heart-wrenching scenes from Bollywood movies that will make you all soppy. But don’t worry, by the time you are done watching them, you will be feeling good.

7 Bollywood Scenes That Will Stir Your Soul

Before you get on this ride, keep a tub of ice cream ready. You will need it. Also, don’t forget chocolates. And, maybe a bottle of wine ‘coz ladies, the more you uncage your emotions, the better.

When Ranbir Kapoor Sings Channa Mereya: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Oh, this song, this damn song! It’s an ode to that old lover who is no longer there in your life. You have to leave them, move on, but their memories are just too painful to be forgotten. Arijit Singh’s voice and Ranbir Kapoor’s eyes have said it all. NGL, every time we hear this track, it hits us right in our hearts. Also, the way Aishwarya Rai Bachchan consoles Ranbir at the airport? It gets me every single time!

When Deepika Padukone Consoles Ranbir In Agar Tum Saath Ho: Tamaasha

Irshad Kamil, the lyricist of Agar Tum Sath Ho, created magic with his words. From “Teri nazaron mein hai tere sapne, tere sapno mein hai narazi” to “Tum saath ho, ya na ho, kya fark hai,” the entire song feels so personal. Ranbir’s sadness and Deepika Padukone’s helplessness make this scene so hauntingly emotional.

When Alia Bhatt Gets Bashed By Her Parents: Gully Boy

A lot of times, Bollywood goes way overboard and end up with scenes that are quite unrealistic. I mean, sure, we all want to believe that our parents will understand us when we say that we want freedom in our lives. But in reality, things may not be that simple in a lot of families. The moment when Alia Bhatt gave her monologue in Gully Boy and said that she wanted to go out with friends was quite a touching scene. TBH, we all thought that her mother would have a change of heart. 

Hmm… What followed next was not what we expected. This isn’t going to make you cry, but you will defs feel a tinge of sadness.

When Shah Rukh Khan’s Hockey Team Wins: Chak De! India

Patriotic movies can instantly open our floodgates and nope, we have no control over our emotions then. Chak De! India not only gives us a rush of patriotism at the end but also makes us so sentimental. The look on Shah Rukh Khan’s face when he finally wins the trophy for India is priceless.

Whenever Darsheel Safary Cries: Taare Zameen Par

Umm… Is there any scene in Taare Zameen Par that doesn’t make us emotional? I don’t think so. Darsheel Safary’s teary eyes when he was dropped at his boarding school made me cry so hard. And, even harder whenever he missed his mother. No, I’m not crying RN, you are!

When Ranbir Finds Priyanka Chopra In The End: Barfi

This is such a beautiful scene! Ileana D’Cruz would have created a hate club if she hadn’t informed Ranbir that Priyanka Chopra was calling him from the window. But, thank god she did, and thank god they reunited. Happy endings can melt our hearts any day.

When Aamir Khan & His Gang Die: Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is not just a movie, it’s a feeling. But when Aamir Khan and his gang die in the end? That causes all the waterworks. No matter how many times I watch it, it still breaks my heart. It’s patriotic, revolutionary, and too painful to watch without crying like a baby.

BRB, need a tissue box now.

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11 Jun 2021

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