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#MyStory: How I Finally Accepted My Curls In All Their Natural Glory!

#MyStory: How I Finally Accepted My Curls In All Their Natural Glory!

For the longest time, silky, straight hair was considered the epitome of beauty and anyone who didn’t have that smooth hair texture was immediately dismissed. This bred a certain stigma against those with unruly, frizzy hair. Given my innate features, I too belonged to that category of misfits who had curly hair and was often shamed for it. Nicknames referring to my hair like ‘chidiya ka ghosla’ were common and I was expected to endure it because it is what it is. *rolls eyes*

After much shame and aggressive brushing in order to restructure my mane to that level of smoothness, I finally grew to embrace my natural hair type and screw what the haters said because you only get one life and you have to make the best of what you’re blessed with. Here’s my journey in acceptance and the lessons I learned while caring for my curls.

Living In Denial


Initially, I thought that the best way to fit in and look beautiful is to try every product under the sun that promises smooth hair. Hair gels were my first mode of experimentation and they were greasy AF. In no way did they do my mane any favours aside from restricting it from any movement whatsoever. 

The second was hair straightening and let me tell you this was the most disappointing. What I expected was smooth and straight hair, but what I got was straight fluffed up static. The reason being, my hair was too thick and quite frizzy and so the effects of the straightener would only last for about 20 minutes after which it would begin to coil up once again. 

Why Don’t You Just Brush It?

If you too have curly hair, you’ve probably come across concerned citizens who ask you this question. For those genuinely asking this question, here’s a mental picture for your imagination. Think of a huge ball of fur that knots up even more as it rolls in the wind. Who needs that? It’s safe to say (after much trial and error) that brushing isn’t the best way to groom your curls, in fact, it can quite frankly be ditched for the most part.

Ditching The So Called Basics


With much effort wasted in trying to smoothen and straighten my hair, I realised that I need to work with my natural hair texture and not against it. The basic hair care routine of someone with straight hair was in no way going to help my cause. That’s why I had to wise up and figure out a way to make my curls shine. I figured I had to ditch combing and brushing my hair while it’s dry and also using hair clips instead of hair ties to make sure my curls aren’t disrupted and deformed. I also had to refrain from running my fingers through my hair like a comb to apply serums and instead scrunch them in for best results. It was also thanks to my older sister (who has kinky hair) and my hairstylist bestie who helped me recognise that these are the changes I had to make and live with and I am so grateful for their guidance. 

My Texture-Positive Haircare Routine


Caring for my hair and styling became so much easier after I altered my perceptions. Soon after confidently rocking my curls, naysayers were impressed and they too began complimenting my hair instead of making fun of it. Here’s what I do to keep my mane looking fabulous and au naturel.

Step 1: Prep Talk

Before I step into the shower, I apply a serum to my lengths and detangle all knots with my fingers. The serum helps me go about this step gently and carefully and since I am not using a comb, there is less to no damage.

Step 2: On One Condition

After that pre hair wash detangling step, I proceed to use moisturising shampoo and conditioner to clean and nourish my mane. After I apply conditioner, I once again detangle my hair with a wet comb. The conditioner helps you comb your hair effortlessly and this is an important step if you want curls that are not knotty. Wet combing will also make the conditioner coat all your strands more evenly, therefore, promising gorgeous results. I rinse out the conditioner with cool water.

Step 3: Air Head

Once done with my hair wash, I immediately apply a serum to my damp hair and let it air dry on a regular day. If I want to intensify my curl texture more, I mix a pea-sized amount each of gel and leave-in conditioner cream along with a pump of serum and scrunch it into my damp lengths. Then I use a blow dryer with a curl diffuser head to dry my locks quickly and enhance texture.

This is my journey to unlocking my best hair game ever. If you too have frizzy hair, this might help you embrace your texture too.

Featured Images: Pexels

22 Mar 2022

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