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Go Grey: Herringbone Highlights Embrace Going Grey In The Chicest Way Possible

Go Grey: Herringbone Highlights Embrace Going Grey In The Chicest Way Possible

Raise your hands if you’ve unwittingly used hair colour as part of your makeover for every major change in your life. Admittedly, whether you go all out with an entirely new hue or opt for a few ripples of highlights through your lengths, a hair colour switch-up can take your look from regular to remarkable. But what about flaunting your stunning 50 shades of grey like a mystical mermaid?

It’s perfectly natural to feel conscious about silver strands peeking out of your crowning glory and when you’ve spotted a grey hair or two as early as in your 20s or 30s (we feel you, girl). Given all that, if you think the only way to deal with this horror is to dye your hair, we’ve got you covered. Scheduling an appointment with your colourist to have your greys blended with “herringbone highlights” is the right way to go about it. We got all the deets. Ahead, check out the celebs showing off their icy locks with a good herringbone highlight.

What’s So Special About Herringbone Highlights?

I’m sure you’re all curious about what exactly herringbone highlights are. It is an updated version of classic foil highlights (a diagonal placement of the foils, resembling a herringbone pattern) that weaves natural grey hairs into the pattern rather than attempting to cover them up. 

You may achieve this highlight trend with any shade, light or dark. Though lighter hair blends better, darker strands still look fantastic. Go grey!

This Is What You Should Tell Your Colourist

To get your own herringbone hair colour, tell your coiffeur that you don’t want to cover your greys. This approach is all about blending once more. However, keep in mind that it does not have to be perfect. Silver strands appear randomly and in their own pattern, so have your colourist work with it by using an irregular pattern of warm and cool-toned highlights.


Look around you: an increasing number of celebs, many of them in their 30s and 40s, are allowing their hair to grey. Many can’t be arsed with the touch-ups that are required, while others consider that their greys are a continual reminder of a life well lived. Whatever the case may be, it’s critical to embrace your greys and treat them as if they were a darker head of hair. Because grey hair is brittle and coarser than normal hair, it’s crucial to use the right hair products to keep it lustrous and bouncy.

Herringbone Highlight Inspo To Bookmark For You Next Appointment

When it comes to blending their grey hairs into their iconic hair hues, celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker are leading the way.

Cohesive Conduct

Sarah Jessica Parker dons a multi-tonal herringbone highlights with a smooth transition from dark to light along the lengths of her hair. Her natural greys blend beautifully with the highlights, thanks to a graded highlighting technique.

Blonde Moments

For an enviable contrast, her natural silver strands are sewn through beautiful blonde highlights. TBH, Gwyneth Paltrow looks ten years younger. To put it another way, the herringbone highlights are naturally framing her face.

Au Naturel Highlights

Whether you are a natural blonde or a coloured blonde, don’t fear your grey hair; every extra strand is a free highlight. Jennifer Aniston’s au naturel herringbone highlights are the perfect example of how to look ethereal.

Remember to take a screenshot of these to show your hairstylist!

Featured Image: Instagram

14 Jun 2022

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