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Style Scandal: POPxo Team Reveals Their Embarrassing Holi Wardrobe Fails!

Style Scandal: POPxo Team Reveals Their Embarrassing Holi Wardrobe Fails!

Water balloons, plates filled with rainbow colours, loud daytime music and finger food you can’t say no to, yes, all that is back! You may or may not be a fan of Holi, but the amount of colours you see on that one day convinces you to dance to random Bollywood tunes. One of the biggest topic of discussion a day before is about “what to wear?” because whatever you don on Holi will never be worn again. So, you pick something old, many prefer pastels as they enhance all gulaal colours well. Even after that rigorous discussion, we sometimes end up picking up a wrong piece, which may lead us to some embarrassing moments. Read on as POPxo team reveals their Holi wardrobe fails, we are sure you’ll relate to them!

1. White pants? No, thank you!

As much as I dislike Holi for how messy it gets, every year I end up playing. Wearing white on Holi has been a childhood obsession and its undoubtedly lead to many accidents. The worst one by far has been the day I was wearing white jeans someone put handprint marks on my butt with permanent colour. Walking around the party became embarrassing and whoever would see it could definitely not stop laughing.  

– Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

1 holi  embarrassing moments  wardrobe fails

2. Not wearing loose denim again!

I did what I think is a classic rookie mistake. For Holi, a few years ago, I decided to wear a white kurta and ripped denim shorts. Yes, it was an accident waiting to happen. Not only did I end up showing a lot more skin than I’d intended to, thanks to the white kurta. But, the shorts were a bad idea too. They were a size too large, due to the fact that they were from the last season when I was a little heavier, so they kept slipping all day and I had to, within an hour of playing Holi, go back inside to change. Girls, white on Holi is just not a good idea. You’re going to get wet and show more than you intended to!

– Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

3. White top is as bad as white pants!

I am not a fan of Holi because a mix of colours and water doesn’t attract me. But a few years back, my parents convinced me to play, promising that it would be a no-water celebration. So, I chose to wear my old white top. Unfortunately, when I went out my cousins refused to play no-water Holi. Five minutes later, I was standing in a drenched transparent top, which later had to be covered in red gulaal to hide transparency for a while because my parents had already locked and left the house. Never agreed to Holi invitations again!

– Chhavi Porwal, Senior Trending Writer  

3 holi  embarrassing moments  wardrobe fails

4. Your shoes matter too!

You might not realise this – but when you’re trying to wade your way through muddy, coloured water, the right footwear is important. Two years back I wore chappals I’d picked up from Sarojini and they broke 15 minutes into the Holi party. Yes, I ended up walking back home barefoot.

– Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

5. Nips In The Air

Last Holi, I’d picked out my outfit in advance, and you bet I was proud. It wasn’t white, it didn’t include thick jeans either. It was blue and super practical (I thought, at the time). Little did I realise, it was a mistake to pick out such a thin t-shirt to play wet Holi. Soon after we started playing, it got breezy. And well, you know what happens to your nipple when it’s cold. I wish I could go back and undo it all!

– Arunima Rustagi, Senior Fashion Writer

5 holi  embarrassing moments  wardrobe fails

What’s your Holi story? Let us know!

01 Mar 2018

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