Let’s Normalise These Love Stories: Ekta Kapoor Opens Up About Producing LGBTQIA+ Shows

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Apr 13, 2021
Let’s Normalise These Love Stories: Ekta Kapoor Opens Up About Producing LGBTQIA+ Shows


With an engaging storyline and amazing performances, Ekta Kapoor’s new ALT Balaji web series The Married Woman, which features a same-sex love story, left a lasting impression on viewer’s minds. The series is an adaption of Manju Kapur’s novel by the same name, and was applauded by fans and critics alike. The LGBTQIA+ love story certainly made headlines after it was released on Women’s Day on March 8 this year.

Fast forward to a month later, ALT Balaji is set to release another show centred around LGBTQIA characters called His Storyy on April 25. Ahead of the release, questions have been raised about the OTT platform streaming same-sex love stories. Taking to Twitter, Ekta put an end to all the speculations. Sharing a video that shows the love received by The Married Woman, the producer shared that people have been asking her why the platform is releasing two same-gender love stories in the span of two months. She responded that no one asks such questions when they produce millions of shows based on heterosexual romances. 


“That’s how marginalized and lowly represented stories of the LGBT community are. Acceptance for all kinds of love and ALTernate storytelling is what we, at ALTBalaji wish to showcase with our stories!” said Ekta. 

Pointing out that The Married Woman was loved and appreciated, the producer said that they are humbled. Ekta also shared that she is hopeful that His Storyy will help all the ‘people out there who are scared to be true to themselves’. 

“Staying closeted could be claustrophobic, in a world where accepting one’s sexuality and gender choice is a constant struggle, let’s normalize these love stories one step at a time. Thank you India for giving us this support and acceptance in this alternative storytelling space. As our favorite dialogue from #TheMarriedWoman goes- “Love is beyond everything. It’s beyond sexuality. It’s beyond conditioning. It’s beyond gender” #LoveIsLove,” concluded Ekta.

His Storyy recently made headlines after ALT Balaji and Ekta Kapoor were accused of plagiarism. On April 9th the streaming platform released a poster of the show that was similar to National-Award winning filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria’s 2015 film Loev. The filmmaker had pointed out that the characters in ALT Balaji’s His Story poster were in a strikingly similar position. Accusing the makers of the show of ripping off the poster, Sudhanshu demanded an apology from the production house.

Soon after, ALT Balaji took to social media to render an apology claiming that it was ‘an oversight’ on the part of their design team which in turn left Sudhanshu fuming. But eventually, the filmmaker forgave the production house and even went on to state that he wouldn’t mind working with Ekta.


We’re glad Ekta is doing her bit to normalise same-sex relationships in our country. We hope other entertainment producers in India follow suit!

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