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Eijaz Khan & Pavitra Punia Are Being Trolled For This Ridiculous Reason & We Are So Annoyed

Eijaz Khan & Pavitra Punia Are Being Trolled For This Ridiculous Reason & We Are So Annoyed

There are two factors responsible whenever a couple of strangers come under one roof and realise that they’re meant to be together—destiny and Bigg Boss. The reality show has given us some amazing love stories over the years and we are in awe of every one of them. While choosing our fave BB couple is difficult, we defs have a special connection with one jodi that has been winning our hearts since season 14. You guessed it right, we’re talking about Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia and their whirlwind romance.

The lovebirds had a love-hate bond on the show but have been inseparable ever since they came out of the house. From celebrating festivals to attending weddings together, the two have been in a rock-solid relationship for almost a year now. Recently, the two were spotted at a birthday party where they shared a mushy moment that’s making us weak in the knees. Take a look:

We’re loving their infectious smiles and cannot stop watching this video on loop. While Pavitra’s face is hidden by a mask, her happiness is clearly evident to her fans. In the video, Eijaz pulled her close in quite a filmy style and lifted her in his arms. While she seemed pretty surprised at first, she couldn’t stop blushing in her boo’s arms.

Also, we cannot miss the way the actress’s face lit up when the paps called her bhabhi and asked her to pose for the cameras. She hid her face while Eijaz looked calm and confident. Hmm…does it mean that the couple is planning to make things official sooner than we know? In a recent interview, the actor had opened up about his wedding plans with Pavitra and said, “Abhi bahut papad belne hain shaadi ke liye. Shaadi inshallah hogi, aur bahut sahi waqt pe hogi. We are keeping our fingers crossed and if all goes well, Pavitra and I will get married this year.”


While we are shipping this cute couple, there are a few netizens who have issues with Eijaz and Pavitra expressing their love publicly. They commented on their adorable video with some rather nasty comments and called them ‘extra’. This is what they have been saying and here’s why it’s infuriating:

Privacy For What, Exactly?

We wonder since when did people start needing privacy to dance and enjoy themselves at a party. Also, staring into your partner’s eyes with all the love in the world is one of the most romantic gestures ever!

These ‘Extra’ Moments Are Love!

Pavitra and Eijaz have always been one of those couples who have never shied away from expressing their love for each other. Time and again, they have confessed their feelings and that’s something we admire the most about these two. So, what certain netizens consider ‘extra’, #PaviJaz fans consider it pyaar and we totes agree!

Well, we hope that Pavitra and Eijaz do not pay attention to trolls who find their cute PDA moments anything but romantic. Also, we would love to see more of these adorable videos because we can never get enough of them!

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Nov 2021

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