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From Arch-Nemesis Rubina To Lady Love Pavitra, Eijaz Khan Finally Opens Up About It All

From Arch-Nemesis Rubina To Lady Love Pavitra, Eijaz Khan Finally Opens Up About It All

Eijaz Khan’s abrupt eviction from the Bigg Boss 14 house has certainly come as a huge shocker to his fans who have now vowed to stop watching the show until his return. Yes, #NoEijazNoBB14 has been trending on social media and the fans aren’t exactly happy with Devoleena Bhattacharjee taking Eijaz’s place in the house as a proxy. 

As you might know, the actor had to leave the show owing to professional commitments that he made before entering the BB house. And given that he was one of the toughest contenders in Bigg Boss 14, it’s indeed sad that he had to leave the house without being voted out. Well, now that the actor is out of the house, he has been giving interviews and some of them are pretty interesting. From his arch-nemesis Rubina Dilaik to his lady love Pavitra Punia, he has finally opened up on everything we wanted him to speak about all this while and here’s all the scoop for you all:

Eijaz Khan On The ‘Whole Sham Of Pavitra Punia’ 


Remember Pavitra Eijaz’s emotional reunion during the family week when Pavitra clearly told him that she should be the fourth person (after her family) to get a call after his eviction? Well, seems like Eijaz was listening for once and did exactly that after leaving the Bigg Boss house. This is what he shared in a recent interview with a popular news portal, “My fourth call after leaving the house was to her. After I left my dad, I have spent the longest time with her since my exit to understand the unsaid. A lot of things needed to be addressed, not just about her past, but also what we think of each other. We aren’t kids, we are not in the dating game, and we have had our heartbreaks. Let me put it this way, people who think my equation with Pavitra is fake, are fake themselves,” he said.

He further added, “When I met Pavi, I met her brother, too. He is sweet. I also made my brother meet her. We take each day as it comes. I love her. My intention is honest, pure and pavitra, pun intended! We will see where it goes, let us not define or label it.”

In the interview, he also addressed all that has been talked about their relationship being a sham and Pavitra faking her feelings for him. “There is no better place to realise the reality of a person than the BB house. The whole sham of Pavitra being a tough girl was busted; she is quite soft-hearted. In fact, she is the most caring person I know. She has been cooking for me,” he shared. 

But Wait Till You Read What He Had To Say About Rubina Dilaik 


While we were pretty much familiar with Eijaz’s opinion of Pavitra, it’s what he has to say about Rubina that has hit us as the major shocker. In an interview with a media platform, Eijaz literally went on saying that he, in fact, sees a winner in Rubina Dilaik despite all the crazy fights that he has had with her. 

Rubina is the Bigg Boss winner ‘coz she has all the qualities of a winner. Yes, we might have fought in the Bigg Boss house and had our share of disagreements but Rubina used to make strong points and is right on her part to an extent even though I used to find it wrong. The kind of personality she has, I think she is going to lift the Bigg Boss trophy,’ he said during the interview. 

Now, no one saw that coming, right? 

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19 Jan 2021

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