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Skincare Essentials That Can Actually Invoke A Sense Of Calm We All Need Right Now

Skincare Essentials That Can Actually Invoke A Sense Of Calm We All Need Right Now

Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, and slowly release. Do you feel better? Good.

The world would be a better place if we could all just keep calm and do apne kaam se kaam. But with everything that’s happening around us, keeping calm has become a distant dream. We all could use a break right now. Escape to anything that feels zen, away from the chaos.

Everyone has different ways to calm down. It could be listening to music, talking to your favourite person in the whole wide world, online shopping or simply napping all day long. For me, it is playing with makeup and skincare products. And just like me, if skincare helps you take your mind off things, you need to add these products to your cart STAT!

Skincare Products To Help You Calm Those Nerves

Brew yourself a hot cuppa, play some soft music (or your favourite kind), and let the magic of skincare take over you…

A Sweet-Smelling Body Lotion

Nothing brings me more joy than dollops of a fragrant body lotion. I love smelling great throughout the day, especially if that fragrance can guarantee me a good night’s sleep. The Aromatherapy Range by Bath & Body Works can help calm your nerves in a jiffy! All you need is two pumps to sleep like a baby. Another cult fave is the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion and it is a miracle product! Just apply it all over your stunning self and before you know it, you’ll be riding unicorns in your dreams.

Oh Sheet! Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before?

I believe sheet masks have magical powers– they somehow make me forget all my problems for 20 minutes and I’m sure you can relate to it too. There’s just something about that delicate mask of awesomeness that makes me believe that everything will be alright. Plus, the skin feels oh-so-amazing after you take it off. Ah, feels! So, I have a small homework for you: Keep a sheet mask in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. Take a teeny-tiny break from work, apply the cool sheet mask, and lie down for a bit. You’ll feel so good!

A Face Roller

Imagine getting the gift of great skin, while relaxing! Well, it is very much possible. Apply a few drops of your favourite serum and use a face roller to distribute it properly all over your face. This will not only make you glow but will also help relieve you of stress. You can do this while working, in your free time, while watching a Netflix show or a makeup tutorial. So, why don’t you?

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Essentials oils are enriched with soothing properties that can help you and your skin feel relaxed in a matter of minutes. You can either rub it on your wrist, apply it on your head for a quick massage or even put it in the proximity of your nose for maximum effect. Add a few drops to your portable diffuser and let the game of calming down the nerves begin! If you do not have one, simply add a few drops of any essential oil in a bowl of hot water. Aromatherapy for the win!

A Facial Mist

A facial mist not only calms the eruptions around your face, but can also refresh your face and make you feel alive. Always keep a bottle of a facial mist handy and spray the stress away wherever, whenever.

Keep calm and araam, ladies!

Featured Image: Pexels

21 Jun 2020

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