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Ed Westwick Has A Big Reveal & It Better Be About Chuck Bass’s Return To Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick Has A Big Reveal & It Better Be About Chuck Bass’s Return To Gossip Girl

Actor Ed Westwick set the Gossip Girl fans in a frenzy on Sunday night after posting a cryptic albeit interesting message on social media. “Got a little something for you… Tomorrow at 1pm.. Hint….xoxo,” he wrote. As you might be aware, Ed played the role of Chuck Bass in the show with his character being as synonymous with the show as anyone else. It was his mysterious persona and shades of grey that kept the audience hooked to the actor as well his romantic angle with Blair Waldorf. 

Chuck errrrr Westwick shared the message with a picture that had “xoxo” written in a hot pink text, inscribed against a black background. A look at his teasing post and you might wanna say that Westwick indeed played himself because if that’s not Chuck Bass for you then we don’t know what is. 

Needless to say, Westwick’s post has left the fans wondering about the message as speculations go rife about Chuck Bass returning to the show. Fans have been constantly trying to decode the message on Twitter as they anticipate the Gossip Girl sooner than expected. “Charles Bartholomew Bass better make a comeback or I will scream,” a fan wrote on Twitter write after Westwick’s post. “I would give years of my life to hear another season full of “I am Chuck Bass,” wrote another. 

It was earlier this year that the show’s new cast was revealed by the makers. However, the production did not ever rule out the idea of roping in old faces as well. As of now while the show stands postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and while Westwick hasn’t really specified really in the post, Gossip Girl fans have drawn their own conclusions already. 

Well, if Westwick is really returning to the show as Chuck Bass then it is indeed huge news. However, we’d wait for the actor to give us confirmation. Until then XoXo!

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14 Jun 2020

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