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8 Easy Tips To Save Some Extra Cash For The End Of The Month!

8 Easy Tips To Save Some Extra Cash For The End Of The Month!

No matter how much money we make, the temptations around us – be it online shopping, or the sales in stores, or going dancing and dining – the month end almost always has us counting and whining about the last few hundreds that are left in our wallets. And because we understand how difficult that can be, we give you interesting ways to save some cash at the end of the month. Happy saving, guys!

1. Download cash saving apps

A personal favourite is ‘Crown It’, and trust me, it has saved me quite a bit of money. Not only that, it also gives me awesome deals and discounts on movie tickets, food etc.

1 ways to save money

2. Drink lots and lots of water

Well this is tricky! I mean how does drinking water save me money? Here is how – when you drink water at regular intervals, it curbs your unwanted and untimely hunger pangs. This means, no junk food bingeing, and hence money gets saved. And we get glowing skin too, girls!


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3. Recycling and decorating

Remember the booze bottle you and your friends emptied out last week? Wash them, and wipe them clean, girls. Maybe put some fairy lights in them and redecorate your room!

3 ways to save money 1

4. Walk a little more

Autos can be expensive sometimes! Walk more often and maybe get a friend to join you. This way you get to spend some good time with your friend, you’re being healthy and you save all that money! It’s a win-win situation.


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5. Swear jar

We lose our temper quite often. And that leads to the use of some swear words sometimes, doesn’t it? You can cash in on this. Put 20 bucks in a jar for every time that you swear. This will leave you with quite a bit of savings!

5 ways to save money (1)

6. Even shopping can save you money

Surfing through online shopping websites and came across expensive shoes that you took a fancy to? Here’s the trick – don’t buy them right away. Just put them in the cart and wait for them to go on sale, BAM, buy them for less because you got a crazy discount. Smart shopper, you!


7. Use electricity wisely

Close all the windows/doors while the AC is on. It will help you with your electricity bill. Closed windows/doors = AC cools the room faster = AC is on for lesser time = affordable electricity bill. Also, do switch off the lights and unplug everything when you leave home.

7 ways to save money

8. Divide your money

Always divide the money, and have a budget in mind. Divide it as per your rent, food, travel, shopping, etc. Also, try and keep 20% aside – this is that money which you can lock away for a rainy day.

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18 Jul 2016

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