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Ways To Tackle Peeling Skin In Dry Weather!

Ways To Tackle Peeling Skin In Dry Weather!

Dry skin is never fun but when it leads to peeling skin it can be especially unpleasant, embarrassing and even painful. Let’s not even talk about the nightmare of applying makeup on flaky skin. Fix those flakes with a few tips on how to get rid of dry skin. Swap the unattractive lizard-like look for baby soft skin in no time.


1. Moisturize Like Never Before

Step up your moisturising game. Whether your skin is itchy, dry or sunburned, you need to use a lotion to help cool it, sooth it and repair it. Ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa help stop peeling and itching and treat inflamed and irritated skin. Moisturise every few hours, especially immediately after a shower as damp skin will absorb it much better. Vaseline Intensive Care is what you need to help peeling skin deeply restore and repair. The skin under the peeled area is tender so it requires extra moisture to help keep it soft and protected from the sun.

Get Rid Of Peeling Skin

2. Treat That Itch

One side-effect of super dry skin is that annoying itch. Keep your fingernails away at all costs and stop scratching to prevent infections and scars. You can use ice to help sooth it. Take a few ice cubes in a wash cloth and apply it on the area for a few minutes to dull the unpleasant sensation. Remember, scratching can cause infections and aggravate the problem even more.

3. Be Cool!

Hot water will only irritate your skin further and aggravate it to peel even more. Plus it will strip away your skin’s natural oils and make it even more parched. It’s the worst thing you can do to get rid of dry skin. Remember to treat it with cold water to help get rid of peeling skin and opt for lukewarm showers instead. Also, no vigorous towel rubbing, pat dry instead.

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4. Home Remedies

A few things you can try is to rub flaked oatmeal on your skin, it’s great to help soothe and get rid of peeling skin and can accelerate the healing process. Cold milk also works wonders to help treat red, inflamed and flaky skin. You can dip a washcloth in cold milk and place it on the area for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Drink Up

You need to cool your skin from the inside too. Dry and peeling skin is the biggest sign that it is damaged; help repair it by increasing your intake of water. It’s the best medicine you can give you skin to give it all the nourishment and hydration it has lost.

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6. Turn Off The AC

Spending hours in an air-conditioned room is one of the biggest reasons why skin can be perpetually dry. If you sleep with your AC on or spend all day in a cool office, you probably deal with flaky skin often. Always remember to moisturize your skin before you hit the sack and set your air-con to the cut-off option.

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05 May 2016

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