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From Sewing To Embroidery: Learn Fashion Design With These 10 Tutorials During Lockdown

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 2, 2020
From Sewing To Embroidery: Learn Fashion Design With These 10 Tutorials During Lockdown


Owing to the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, our news, social media feeds and whatsapp chats are overflowing with information. The need right now is to follow the lockdown rules, accept the things as they are, and while you are at it, make the most of this time. For unprecedented as the times be, this also is a sporadic opportunity to just sit at home and do all that you always thought that you’d do when you finally get the time.

By now, we have all heard a plethora of advice on the matter. Right from cleaning your closet to finishing all your wishlist shows, there’s just so much that features on this list of suggestions. And while you must be quite done by now, might we entertain you with one suggestion? How about learning the basics of sewing and stitching to make the most of this lockdown period?

Oh, and we also have a case for it. Firstly, it is easier to learn than you think it actually happens to be. Secondly, you’ll actually learn a useful craft that’ll come in handy on the kind of occasions that are sure to leave you surprised. Thirdly, reduced trip to the masterji! And if you really think about it, it would be like your own DIY degree in fashion designing! We know, we had you there! Scroll on to indulge in some cathartic craft during the lockdown:

Basic Stitching Techniques To Get Started

Like most forms of art, stitching too requires a lot of practice and patience. But before that, the need for you is to master some of the most basic techniques that’ll help you through it all. Here are a few stitches to master that you must begin with:

The Basics Of Hemming Your Clothes

Don’t we all have at least one dress or a pair of trousers that cannot be worn without my alterations because of the weird length? Well, hemming is the trick that you need to master in case you are just done with the endless trips to masterji just to get your clothes altered. This hemming tutorial is super easy to follow and will change your life in so many ways, especially if you are a short girl like me:

Add In Some Buttons

While we have our hearts set on sewing, learning the basics of button making and attaching wouldn’t really hurt, right? Follow this fun tutorial to see how can you make fabric buttons at home:

How To Take Measurements

Now that we have been through the basics of sewing, it would be really a shame that we don’t try our hands at it. Think of easy designs to start with and then follow this tutorial to learn the basics of taking measurements:

Prepping The Fabric

As you prepare to make your stitching debut, make sure that you start with cotton fabrics that are easier to handle and cut into. But before cutting, comes the most crucial task- measurements! Half of your stitching is job is already successful if you know how to do this right. But fret now if you don’t for here’s a tutorial that’ll teach you just that:

Prepping The Fabric For That Chop Chop

Okay, we are almost set to get those scissors moving on that fabric right after it has been prepared for the job. Here’s a tutorial that’ll teach you how to do it right:

And Finally, Laying And Cutting

Okay so we have taken the measurements, have prepared the fabric for the task, and now is the time to feel the that high and right into that fabric. Here’s what you need to do:

Some Fun With The Embroidery

Guys, stitching is fun and we are super sure that you’d like to level up once you master the craft. How about trying your hands at some fun embroidery? Here are two tutorials that’ll get you on board:

Fun Stitching Projects To Follow

Now, what use are all these skills if we don’t put them to good. In fact, with the lockdown in place and nowhere to go, this happens to be the best time to try your hands at some stitching projects. Might we suggest a few? Here you go:

So ladies, all set to put on the sewing hat during a lockdown?