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Ghar Ka Function? Decor Ideas That Don’t Need Professional Help

Ghar Ka Function? Decor Ideas That Don’t Need Professional Help

Once your wedding is fixed, your home is no longer just a house…it’s the shaadi ka ghar! The one place where there is lots of good food, music, masti and unlimited celebrations! And without doubt a few of your smaller wedding functions will take place at home. The kirtan or the dholki, the roka, mehendi, chura or a dinner for friends and family. Here are 7 awesome easy to do wedding decor ideas that are easy to do all by yourself!


1. The kaleera obsession

It’s no secret that kaleeras look equally pretty when used in wedding decor. And for a small function at home, hanging kaleeras from flower strings is a great idea! You can just get a bunch of the traditional golden kaleeras and tie them to strings of flowers. Or you could even have your besties make an entire curtain of kaleeras at put in a prominent place in the house. It’s easy to do, pictures extremely well and makes a whole lot of impact.

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: MyIndianWeddings on Instagram

2. Super cute paper fans!

For a friend’s bridal shower, we did up an entire wall of her house with pastel paper fans and everyone who walked in was completely awestruck! Use paper fans as the backdrop of food counters, to do up the entrance or stick them to a wall as a photo backdrop. You can easily score these in an art and craft or stationery store and all you need is a double sided tape to stick them up. A family dinner, a bridal shower or even your roka ceremony, these will look fab!

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: Propscity on Instagram

3. Genda phool for the chairs

We recently told you about how many innovative and creative ways genda phool is used in wedding decor. And here’s another idea you can easily DIY! Switch the boring chair drapes with strings of flowers instead! It’s fresh, it’s vibrant and it’ll make your home smell amazing too! Cloth drapes get dirty and can look tacky, but a string of orange/yellow marigold flowers will add all the colour and freshness to your ghar ka function.

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: Maharani Weddings on Instagram

4. Frames in your garden

We’ve seen these at so many weddings and without doubt photo frames do look very charming as decor elements. For a small scale function at home, hang elaborate picture frames. These could be colourful, metallic or raw wood and in various shapes and sizes. Hang these around the venue and trust us, besides looking pretty, your guests will love getting pictures clicked with them. You can even have your wedding date written across the frames! Ask the guy at the local photo framing shops to give you a good wholesale rate.

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

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5. Enchanting florals

Visit any good nursery or a home store and you’ll be able to spot these gorgeous florals set inside glass globes and tubes. And if you’ve got to decorate your garden area then what better than this! Use ribbons, ropes or pearl strings to hang from tree branches or the ceiling. It’ll look absolutely fab for an evening function or a floral theme brunch. Best part is you can just let them be there after the celebrations too!

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: The Event Diaries on Instagram

6. Dreamy birdcages

Bird cages are all over the place and we sure do love them! Use these dreamy props as table centerpieces for your at-home engagement party. Fill these up with floral bunches that go with the colour theme of your function. Alternatively, you can even put in candles for an evening party. Have all your besties/cousins pick one up for their homes after the celebrations are over!

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: Rani Pink Love on Instagram

7. Evergreen bangles

Now this is literally the easiest thing to do. Glass bangles when bought in bulk do not cost much but can sure take your home wedding decor from drab to fab. Hang them in colourful bunches or make long strings to do up your mehendi function. Use gota or ribbons as tie ons for an even more festive feel!

easy to do wedding decor ideas

Image: The Maharani Diaries on Instagram

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05 May 2016

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