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Turn On The Bedroom Heat: Easy Kegel Exercises That Will Give Your Vagina A Great Workout

Turn On The Bedroom Heat: Easy Kegel Exercises That Will Give Your Vagina A Great Workout

While you might be following a dedicated workout routine complete with cardio and strength training, chances are that some muscles in your body may not be getting the workout that they need. We would have let it pass only if the muscles that we are talking weren’t your vaginal muscles! Your vaginal muscles or pelvic floor not only take care of our body’s basic functions but also play a vital role in your sex life. Well, we know we have your attention now. 

Just like other muscles in our body, vaginal muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear as we go about our daily lives and might even lose their strength owing to a number of factors including pregnancy, age, weight gain, certain medical procedures, etc. This is why we need to pay proper attention to these muscles or our pelvic floor and keep them strong with a set of exercises referred to as kegel. 

Pelvic floor muscles support our rectum, bladder, uterus, and small intestine and that should tell you the importance of keeping it healthy and strong. Kegel exercises can be seen as a pelvic muscle training workout routine that can help you tremendously improve your health and muscles. Think of them as simple clench-and-release exercises that can take you a long way and help by improving your sexual performance. Now that’s something, right?

Well, like most of us, chances are that you are also working out at home these days, and in case you wish to give pelvic exercises a try, we have curated a list of tutorials that’ll guide you well. Wanne werk that vagina? Read on. 


Kegel For Beginners

If you’re just a beginner and currently seeking to be initiated into the world of kegel exercises, this video by physiotherapist Michelle Kenway will give you some insight into the nuances. Watch this tutorial if you wish to start your kegel routine at home and want to get it right:

Quick Morning Workout

Now that you have been through the nuances for kegel workout, it is time to give it a go. This simple routine for beginners will keep you covered:

Kegel Yoga

All about that yoga girl life? Here’s a kegel routine that has been designed just for your needs:

Kegel For Mommy-To-Be

Your pelvic floor is really a series of muscles and tissues that are at the bottom of your pelvis, positioned like a sling and they hold your organs in place. This is exactly why these exercises are specifically recommended for pregnant women. Here’s a routine that might suit your needs. 

If pregnant, consult your doctor for the right set of exercises before trying anything at home. 

Postnatal Kegel Routine

Delivering a child changes your body to a great extent. The weakening of vaginal muscles, though not permanent happens to be one of these changes. And while chances are that your body will heal itself, it might take a while, and you can accelerate the process with the help of some postnatal exercises, especially kegel if your vaginal muscles are what you aim to work on. Here’s a video for your reference:

Advanced Kegel Routine

Well versed with the kegel basics and now planning to dive all in? Here’s a routine that will help you nicely target and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles:


Now, as we talk about kegel exercises to turn on the bedroom heat, how about we try on a routine that involves your partner and call it sexercising? Sweating and working that body with your partner…now, isn’t that a tempting idea? Here’s the video that’ll guide you through it?

Lastly, it is important to remember that you should always do kegel exercises with an empty bladder. That done, you’d be good to go. So, ladies, all set to take your bedroom game up a notch?

Featured Image: Unsplash  

26 Jun 2020

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