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Get sexy arms with these easy arm exercises at home

Get sexy arms with these easy arm exercises at home

Not all girls have time to spare at the gym everyday. Their busy schedules are mostly responsible for keeping them on their toes all day long. If you’re one of them, join the club! Lucky for you, we know of a few super simple arm exercises for women that will not only tone your arms, but will also improve your stamina as well! The best part is that these arm exercises for women can be done at home and will hardly take 10 minutes of your time. So ladies, are you ready to flaunt those arms in the sexiest way possible? Awesome! Here are 10 easy exercises for toned arms. (You’ve got this!)

1. Arm Circles Are A Piece Of Cake

1 exercises for toned arms squats


Arm circles are known to sculpt back muscles and biceps. They also keep your arms toned, improve posture and strengthen your shoulder blades.

Step 1: Stand straight and keep your spine erect.


Step 2: Start by extending your arms to your sides till they’re at the same height of your shoulders.

Step 3: Then, start by rotating your arms in a forward direction by doing 30-40 circles.


Step 4: Once you’re done, repeat the same in the backward direction.

This is an easy arm exercise at home that can give you great arms, just be consistent.


2. Squat Baby, Squat!

For thighs, arms, abs and booty, this exercise is awesomesauce. You’ll need two dumbbells to ace this exercise. Plus, this arm exercise for women improves stamina and balance as well.

Step 1: Stand on a yoga mat holding weights in both hands.


Step 2: Slowly squat and before you bring your upper body back up, bring your hands up to your shoulders.

Step 3: Repeat 15-20 times.


It is indeed an amazing exercise for toned arms.

3. The Windmill Effect

3 exercises for toned arms wall push ups


This exercise for toned arms is all about stretching your arms and making sure that your muscles stay flexible and they get enough of exercise.

Step 1: Keep your body straight, shoulders relaxed and tummy muscles tucked in.


Step 2: Slowly bend and try touching one arm to your feet and the other arm kept pointed to the direction of the sky.

Step 3: keep alternating sides and do this exercise for at least 25-35 times.


This is one of those arm exercises for women that are really effective

4. Wall Push Ups Ain’t That Tough

Can’t do regular push ups? No stress! Start with wall push ups. This exercise is awesome because it strengthens your arms and improves your balance. It is one of the best arm exercises at home. Here’s how to nail it!


Step 1: With your arms wide open and you standing straight, gently place your hands on the wall.

Step 2: Now, try pushing yourself towards the wall until your nose touches it.


Step 3: Just before that happens, bring yourself back to initial position.

It is an amazing exercise for toned arms and shows quick results upon regular regime.


5. Seated-Press Ups Are So Cool!

5 exercises for toned arms sit

From all the arm exercises at home mentioned on this list, seated-press ups are the easiest. They don’t require any gyming equipment and it helps strengthen your biceps and muscles around your shoulder. What are you waiting for? Get a chair and let’s get started!


Step 1: Place your body at the edge of the chair and keep your palms glued to the sides of the seat.

Step 2: Using the sides of the seat, try lifting your body up.


Step 3: Hold that position for as long as you can.

Step 4. Release and repeat for 5-10 times.


(Note: You don’t necessarily have to lift your whole body up. The main idea is to stress and focus on your upper-arm muscles. You’ll get better with time!)

6. Chair Bands Are For Rockstars

You’ll need to have an elastic broadband with you for this exercise for toned arms. It’s amazing to do everyday because it burns fat, builds biceps and muscles. You should totally try it out!


Step 1: Place the elastic broad-band under your feet

Step 2: Trying pulling the band upwards by stretching it.


Step 3: Hold on to it for a 30 seconds.

Step 4: Let go and come back to initial position.


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7. Punches In The Air Are The Best

7 exercises for toned arms punch


One of the best warm-up arm exercises at home are seated punches. While it reduces arm fat, it stretches your muscles and builds arm strength. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Step 1: When sitting on a chair, make sure that your posture is straight and spine is kept erect.


Step 2: One by one, start throwing punches in the air.

Step 3: From slow punches move to faster, aggressive ones.


Step 4: After every minute, change the direction of your punch. Punch high, to your sides and forward.

8. Floor Dips For The Fitness Queen

Floor dips are the coolest because they not only keep your core muscles strong, but your triceps as well. Do them for 5-10 minutes every day and you’ll start seeing the first sign of positive results in only a month’s time.


Step 1: On a yoga mat, lie flat on your back.

Step 2: Using your arms, push your body upwards without bending your arms.


Step 3: Return to initial position and do this for 10 times without a break.  

They are one of the arm exercises for women that also work as a versatile workout.  


9. Jump To The Stars

9 exercises for toned arms medicine ball

We think this exercise for toned arms is super easy and will help strengthen your core, tone your arms and make your muscles flexible. It’s similar to jumping jacks and you’ll have to try your best to jump and resemble an ‘X’ symbol.


Step 1: Place a yoga mat on the floor.

Step 2: Stand straight and keep your legs slightly bent


Step 3: Now jump with your arms raised and legs raised at the same time! (Reminder: The position should resemble an X)  

10. Good Luck With That Medicine Ball

The only purpose of this exercise is to focus and stretch those muscles in the most efficient way possible. The medicine ball makes the job easier, if you ask us.


Step 1: Grab onto a medicine ball.

Step 2: Hold it near your chest and try crushing it using all of your strength.


Step 3: Then, slightly push the medicine ball forward.

Step 4: Hold that position for a minute and then gently bring it back to your chest.


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