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Earth Day Quiz 2022: How Much Do You Know About Your Planet?

Celebrated for the first time on 22 April 1970, Earth Day is the time when people across the world celebrate the planet. This day also serves as an occasion to host and participate in several activities pertaining to the Earth and the environment, including this Earth Day quiz. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not be able to participate in activities physically but we can always engage in a fun quiz about our Mother Earth. 

This day is also dedicated to raising awareness about all the environmental issues we’re facing. But before that, we ourselves should pack ourselves with knowledge and this Earth Day quiz is perfect for that!


Earth Day Quiz

Earth Day Quiz Questions


Freepik – Earth Day Quiz

From climate change to biodiversity to how we’re over-consuming natural resources, this quiz about Earth covers it all. Take this Earth Day quiz to check out your general knowledge. 

Q1. Who Founded Earth Day?


A. Senator Gaylord Nelson

B. President Theodore Roosevelt


C. Greta Thunberg

D. Margaret Thatcher

Answer: A

American Senator Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin, founded Earth Day in the spring of 1970 in a bid to raise awareness about environmental issues and pressurise politicians to act on environment-related legislation. He was inspired by the anti-war movement of the students. Gaylord Nelson is also known as the father of Earth day. 


Q2. What’s The Theme Of Earth Day 2022?


A. Climate Action

B. End Plastic Pollution

C. Restore Our Earth

D. Save Our Species


Answer: C

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is ‘Restore Our Earth’. This year’s theme is aimed at preventing the coming natural disasters due to climate change and environmental destruction by restoring Mother Earth. The theme for 2020 was ‘Climate Action’ and for 2019, it was ‘Save Our Species’.

Q3. Where Did The First Earth Day Celebration Take Place?


A. Japan

B. Sweden


C. Canada


Answer: D

After being founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, the first Earth Day celebration took place in the United States of America. And in the first very year, it witnessed the participation of about 20 million people who demonstrated peacefully for environmental reform. 


Q4. Which Sector Emits The Maximum Greenhouse Gases?


A. Manufacturing

B. Electricity And Heat Production

C. Transportation

D. Agriculture And Deforestation


Answer: B 

Fossil fuels such as coal and oil need to be burnt to produce electricity and heat which generates a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. While electricity and heat are the number one greenhouse gas emitters in the world, in India the energy sector produces over 70% of it. Did you know about this before you took up this Earth Day quiz?

Q5. What Is The Average Indian’s Carbon Footprint Per Year?


A. 1.32 Tonne

B. 0.19 Tonne


C. 2 Tonne

D. 0.56 Tonne

Answer: D

After China and the US, India is the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. It produces about 6.8% of the total global emissions. According to this rate, the carbon footprint of an average India is about 0.56 tonne per year. The carbon footprint among the rich people in India is 1.32 tonne per capita and among the poor, it is 0.19 tonne. Well, we wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t for this Earth Day quiz!


Q6. What Are The Largest Living Structures On Earth?


A. The Great Barrier Reef

B. Mushrooms

C. Amazon Rainforest

D. Antarctic Blue Whales


Answer: A

Coral reefs are the largest living structures on Earth, particularly the Great Barrier Reef located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It stretches over 133,000 square miles and is the largest coral reef system in the world which is visible from space as well. The second-largest living structure on Earth is a cluster of honey mushroom fungus in Oregon which spreads across 3.5 square miles. We’re heading to the coral reefs after finishing this Earth Day quiz, what about you? 

Q7. How Many Species Of Animals Live In The Ocean?


A. 1 Billion 

B. 10 Million


C. 1 Million 

D. 10 Billion

Answer: C 

Scientists believe that of the 8.7 million species on Earth, a total of 1 million animals live in the ocean. Out of these, 95% of the species are invertebrates, that is, they don’t have a backbone. Scientists also estimate that we have only explored about 10 to 20% of the ocean and classified about 9% of the species. That’s a lot of species to read about before you take up another Earth day quiz.


Q8. When Was The Paris Agreement Signed?


A. Earth Day 2018

B. Earth Day 2000

C. Earth Day 2016

D. Earth Day 1998


Answer: C

In 2016 at the opening ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Earth Day, 174 countries and the European Union signed the Paris Agreement.

Q9. What Is The Main Goal Of The Paris Agreement?


A. To Reach Global Peaking Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

B. To Limit Global Warming And Keep Global Temperature Below 2 Degree Celsius, Preferably Lesser Than 1.5


C. To Raise Awareness About The Biodiversity And Prevent Deforestation Around The World

D. To Reduce Pollution And Raise Awareness About The Importance Of Conservation Of Nature

Answer: B

The aim of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming across the world below 2-degree celsius, to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial levels. In order to achieve this goal, countries are aiming to reach the global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions at the earliest in order to achieve a climate-neutral world. 


Q10. What Are The Top Three Causes Of Climate Change?


A. Solar Influences, Pollution, Agriculture

B. Agriculture, Deforestation, Pollution

C. Electricity and Heat, Manufacturing, Deforestation and Forest Fires

D. Electricity and Heat, Agriculture and Deforestation, Transportation 


Answer: D

While electricity and heat emit 31% of global greenhouse gasses, agriculture and deforestation emit 17% and transportation contributes to 15% with manufacturing and other industries at 12%. 

Q11. We Know That 70% Of Earth Is Covered In Water But Out Of This What Is The Percentage Of Freshwater?


A. 34%

B. 0.3%


C. 1.3%

D. 3%

Answer: D

Out of the 3% freshwater, only 0.5% is available to us. The other 2.5% is either locked up in glaciers and polar ice caps or too polluted or too deep under the surface to be extracted. Thanks to this Earth Day quiz, now we know why we need to use water judiciously.


Q12. Which Country Has The World’s Greatest Biodiversity?


A. Brazil 

B. India

C. Madagascar

D. South Africa


Answer: A

With an average of 700 new animal species discovered each year, Brazil has about 15 to 20% of the world’s Biodiversity. 

Q13. Where Does The Most Breathable Oxygen In The World Come From?


A. Mountains

B. Rainforest


C. Oceans

D. Trees

Answer: C

While the Amazon Rainforest is said to be the lungs of the world, the ocean is where we get the most of the oxygen we breathe.


Q14. Which Book First Raised Awareness About The Environmental Issues And Influenced The Society To Change?


A. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

B. The Lorax by Dr Seuss

C. Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich

D. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein


Answer: A

Rachel Carson’s New York Times Bestseller Silent Spring, published in 1962, set the stage for change. It sold 500,000 copies in 24 countries and raised awareness about the environment, living organisms and the connection between health and pollution.

Q15. Which Land-Based Ecosystem Has The Most Biodiversity?


A. Grasslands

B. Deserts


C. The Tundra

D. Tropical Rainforests

Answer: D

While the tropical rainforests cover only 6% of the Earth’s surface, it’s home to nearly three quarters of the world’s plants and animal species which makes it the richest in species across the world. 




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Don’t forget to share this Earth Day quiz with others!


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14 Apr 2021

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