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Trouble In Paradise: Are Rajeev Sen & Charu Asopa Heading Towards Splitsville? Here’s What We Know

Trouble In Paradise: Are Rajeev Sen & Charu Asopa Heading Towards Splitsville? Here’s What We Know

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa have been in the limelight for their rocky relationship for a while now. The two tied the knot in 2019 in a gorgeous ceremony and made us all feel hella single. Unfortunately, the two hit a rough patch within a year and stayed apart for some time. While they worked on their marriage and welcomed a baby girl last year, it seems like things aren’t looking good for the couple ATM.

A little birdie told us that Charu and Rajeev’s marriage has once again hit choppy waters and the two are heading towards separation. As per the sources close to the couple, there were compatibility issues between Charu and Rajeev right from the beginning but they tried to look past their differences. However, things have gone from bad to worse for the two and they have reportedly decided to end their marriage. According to the grapevine, their family members tried to help the two out with their rough patch but the two aren’t seeing eye to eye on anything. The Baal Veer actress has deleted Rajeev’s pictures from her account and for the longest time, Rajeev has also not shared any picture with Charu.


 In an earlier interview, the telly star opened up on her marital woes and shared, “Honestly, every marriage goes through its ups and downs. We are like a normal couple. But then, every little detail is subjected to so much scrutiny from everyone. It is worrisome. I feel bad when I think about what will happen when Ziana ever reads all this stuff. You cannot erase anything that has come once on the Internet. When we said that some section of people have trolled the couple saying they do such things just for footage.”

NGL, we understand that it can be incredibly tough to work on work on your relationship when you are under constant scrutiny. We hope Charu and Rajeev figure out what the most helpful thing for their individual growth is and find happiness. Here’s wishing them luck!

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23 Jun 2022

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