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Duck Nails: The Internet’s Ugly Gift To The Beauty Community

Duck Nails: The Internet’s Ugly Gift To The Beauty Community

From baguette bags to bucket hats, we have successfully resurrected Y2K fashion and beauty styles, which have proved to be a blast from the past, but this one right here- is a hot pile of NO. Duck nails have been making waves online and after we tell you all about it, you can make a choice of either loving it dearly or hating it with all your gut- trust us, there is no in-between.  

What looks like the opposite version of stiletto nails, duck nails are a nail extension trend where your tips flare at the top, giving you more space for art, I think? The coffin-nails-dominated manicure industry seems to be feeling left out of everybody bringing back an old trend. Hence, this fad. Mostly spotted with OTT nail arts and a lot of bling, duck nails are surprisingly in huge demand. Thanks to the less daring Indian manicure enthusiasts that this trend is less likely to take over your nearby nail salons. 

Blame It On GenZ

To be fair, we started on a biased note, but is it our fault if duck nails look like a nail appointment gone wrong? Okay, that was the last one. 

Another dead trend remodeled by the internet, Duck nails are one of those beauty statements that make more waves for raising eyebrows. While this nail trend might not be replacing almond nails or coffin nails anytime soon, it is safe to say that duck nails are an acquired taste. These chunky nails apart from grabbing attention can also grab onto fabric pretty easily due to their boxy shape, but a true duck nails fanatic wouldn’t mind. 

While it took no time for our brains to auto-image the word flared with duck nails instead of pants, we will patiently wait for this eye-catchy manicure trend to find its place back in the Snooki-driven Jersey Shore era back in 2011. Before the internet brings back low-rise jeans (according to recent threats), can millennials sit the overhyped GenZ down to explain how some fashion and beauty trends are best seated where they belong – in their grave?


Will you dare to try this trend? Just asking. Because if you do, we will be humming good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo in a corner, minding our business.

Featured Images: Instagram

14 Jul 2021

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