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You Don’t Drink? Not Even Beer? 10 Things You Need To Stop Saying To Non-Drinkers

You Don’t Drink? Not Even Beer? 10 Things You Need To Stop Saying To Non-Drinkers

Remember when Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani felt left out for being the only sober person when Bunny and his friends were playing Never Have I Ever? Yeah, well…that’s not how every non-drinker feels. Some of us are completely okay with being the odd one out. 

We all have that one non-drinker friend in the group and as much as we enjoy pulling their leg every now and then, it can get a tad bit too annoying for them. Being the only sober person sipping on lime soda when everyone else is getting sloshed and asking silly questions is not easy. And then there are all those lengthy debates over why they don’t drink and how they’re missing out in life.

So, if you’re the only teetotaler in the group, here are some things that you’ll relate to.

1. You Don’t Drink? Not Even Beer?


That look of disbelief and the same old question…and wait, that’s not the end of it. It gets worse with ‘beer bhi nahi?‘, as If beer isn’t alcohol. And wait, that is usually followed by someone saying,‘breezer to pe le, it isn’t alcohol’. No thank you!

2. So What Are You Drinking Today?


No, this isn’t just a genuine question…it’s a rhetorical one which is followed by a series of crappy jokes in the guise of answers like ‘get them some bournvita/complan!‘. Yeah well, thank you coz it’s healthier. 

3. Life Must Be Boring, Na?


Well, not really. Watching everyone getting drunk and embarrassing themselves is a lot more fun than drinking. I mean, have you seen yourself when you’re sloshed? 

4. Just Try It ONCE?


We’ve all heard that drunk friend’s ‘ek drink pe le yaar? Mere naam ki?‘, but bhai suno, do you understand the concept of consent? What if someone forced you to stay sober? Doesn’t sound much fun na? Now you know how we feel. 

5. Recovering Addict? Pregnant?


And the guessing game starts. I mean c’mon, can a man/woman just not drink because they don’t want to? But drinkers need a solid reason for someone to be sober. 

6. Bhai, Once In A While Toh Chalta Hai…


Bhai, nahi chalta. Just stop it already guys. I’m just not interested in drinking alcohol and once in a while has no role to play in that.

7. The Designated Driver


Oh, the curse of being the designated driver! Now, we know it’s a good thing but just because we don’t drink doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have fun. And TBH, we do not want to be responsible for dropping a bunch of drunk people home, it’s not fun.

8. Tu Kya Jaane Nashe Ka Maza


We know you enjoy drinking in ghum and in khushi but we’re not interested in being high. You think we’re missing out on something important in life but oh well, at we’re not missing memories of an entire night coz daru pee rakhi thi!

9. I’ll For Sure Make You Drink


Yeah, go ahead and give it a shot but let us give you a heads-up–it’s NOT gonna happen. We’d drink if we wanted to but peer pressure isn’t going to make it happen. 

10. Are You A Vegetarian Too?


No, just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean that I don’t eat chicken or I don’t smoke. We all have our own choices, with choices being the keyword here.

But seriously guys, it’s time you let it go. We are non-drinkers, not aliens!

03 Feb 2021

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