Drama Unlimited: 5 Bollywood Catfights That Were Too Much To Handle

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Jul 26, 2021
Drama Unlimited: 5 Bollywood Catfights That Were Too Much To Handle

Ah, celebrity catfights. As much as we may hate to admit it, we all love to witness some good celebrity conflict now and then. Go ahead, fess up, no point in denying it. And thanks to B-town celebs, there has never been a shortage of them. However, some celebrity feuds have been embarrassing, and how! From refusing to acknowledge each other to taunting each other on national television, we’ve rounded up some of the most famous celebrity catfights that were just plain cringe-worthy. While some of these feuds ultimately ended with time, other messy fallouts have never been resolved. Check it out!

Priyanka Chopra And Kareena Kapoor


Rumour has it that Priyanka and Kareena’s rivalry goes back to their first movie Aitraaz. Apparently, Kareena was miffed at Priyanka for getting more attention than her after the movie was released. However, this was just vicious gossip until Kareena decided to call out the Baywatch actress on the Koffee couch. During the rapid-fire round, her answer to a question about PeeCee was, “Where does she get her accent from?” A few episodes later, Priyanka returned to the same couch and answered her question. She said, “The same place her boyfriend (Saif) gets it from.” Brutal, right? Fortunately, that’s water under the bridge as the two get along well now. Looks like all’s well that ends well!

Rani Mukherjee And Aishwarya Rai:


Best friends to acquaintances to foes describes Rani and Ash’s relationship best. The two were great friends initially but became bitter enemies soon after Rani replaced Ash in Chalte Chalte. This did not sit well with the Guru actress and she started ignoring Rani soon after that. Another instance that added fuel to the fire was Rani’s linkup rumours with Abhishek Bachchan. That’s apparently the reason why Rani wasn’t even invited to the Ash-Abhi wedding. Umm..that’s cold!

Kareena Kapoor And Bipasha Basu


Kareena and Bipasha hated each other from the bottom of their hearts and left no stone unturned in saying terrible things about each other during interviews. The two worked together in Ajnabee and haven’t been seen together since. After the movie, Bipasha had said, “No, I will not work with Kareena again. Because you either get along with people or you don’t.” Kareena retorted by saying, “She just doesn’t seem to have any confidence in her own talent. In a four-page interview, she spoke about me for three pages.” That’s not all, Kareena had also referred to Bipasha as “Kaali Billi” and later had fired shots at Bipasha’s then-boyfriend John Abraham by calling him “expressionless”. Gosh, this was legit cringe max!

Aishwarya Rai And Sonam Kapoor


Bollywood’s one complicated industry and we have proof! Back in 2009, Sonam replaced Aishwarya by becoming the ambassador of a beauty brand. Apparently, the latter wasn’t too pleased and expressed her discontentment at the same. Following this, Sonam made a controversial statement and called Aishwarya, “aunty”. This didn’t go down well with Aish and she denied walking the red carpet with Sonam at the Cannes film Festival. Ouch, too much unnecessary drama!

Katrina Kaif And Deepika Padukone


Apparently, Katrina and Deepika had a huge fallout and the reason behind their fight was Ranbir Kapoor. No points for guessing! When Ranbir and Deepika broke up, the actor started dating Katrina and this did not sit well with the Cocktail actress. Deepika made sure to not cross paths with Katrina at award shows and public events. However, their cold war finally came to an end in 2018 when Deepika invited Kat for her wedding which the latter attended. Thank god!

Phew…Bollywood’s one strange industry. So, which catfight surprised you the most? 

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