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Celeb Dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi On Why There’s More To Skincare Than Just Fancy Labels

Celeb Dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi On Why There’s More To Skincare Than Just Fancy Labels

If you have ever tried looking up a new skincare ingredient on the internet, you’d know that it is no cakewalk. Just one click and you are inundated with a gazillion products and never-ending information about ingredients. Amidst it all, how do you then segregate the relevant from obsolete? One of the most effective things you can do is to skip it all and scroll through celebrity aesthetician Dr. Kiran Sethi’s Instagram feed. Whether you are looking to understand what niacinamide does for your skin or if a K-beauty product should be added to your routine, Dr. Kiran’s feed is always packed with invaluable advice. The best part? You don’t even need to bag an appointment to know all about the newest and coolest products out there. 

The Columbia graduate runs one of India’s most coveted beauty clinics, Isya Aesthetics, where she is constantly innovating. And she is one of the very few physicians worldwide with both cosmetic formulation and dermatology degrees. Dr. Kiran is the first one in India to introduce procedures like Picosure , Sculpsure and Ulthera. However, according to her, beauty is as intuitive as it is practical. “It is an inside-out process,” she says. Dr. Kiran herself follows an intuitive skincare regimen  based on how her skin feels at a given time. She understands that beauty is not one size fits all and brings the same insight to both her practice and the regular columns she writes for Elle, The Times of India, and Vogue

Dr. Kiran Sethi

When she isn’t giving beauty advice, Dr. Kiran can be found either voraciously reading or teaching dermatology. She has recently been appointed as a faculty at The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. One cannot help but wonder how she manages to juggle her roles as a dermat, CEO, teacher, columnist, and single mom while remaining as upbeat as she always is. A robust to-do list, always planning in advance, and the zeal to constantly learn is her answer. 

As someone at the forefront of India’s beauty and skincare industry, Dr. Kiran had to be a part of our #WomenWhoWin series. In a candid conversation with POPxo, she tells us about her practice, her take on beauty, and how Isya is innovating India’s beauty Industry. Read on for the full scoop. 

How do you begin your day? What does an average day look like for you?

I have a very very tight schedule. I take an hour or two to plan for my social media content.  Then I work at the clinic for 4-5 hours a day and the rest of my time is dedicated to my daughter and life in general. Yes, it is very hard to balance but I find a way by pre-scheduling as much as I can. 

Dr. Kiran Sethi

What is your personal skincare routine like?

I start with a cleanser. If I am feeling dry I use milk or oil cleanser like Cetaphil or iS Clinical Cream Cleanser.  If  I am feeling oily and grimy, I might use a more foamy product like Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant. In the morning I love a good Vitamin C with Ferulic acid like Trivita C 30. I love sunblock. I also use a topical retinoid like Adaple C. I also look at anti-aging moisturisers like iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex. Sometimes I’ll add a hyaluronic acid serum. And then I sprinkle in some fun things as I need like Cicapair or Centella Asiatica to calm my skin if it feels inflamed. I do a very intuitive routine based on how my skin is feeling. 

You have nearly 55k followers on Instagram. What is your approach to being a social media influencer?

I don’t view myself as a social media influencer. I think of myself more as a guide. I really want people to understand inflammation in a clear or concise way so they are not so confused. You get so much information everywhere that it is so hard to cut through the noise. So I view myself more like an editor where I can take information and make it easier for you to understand and make you know what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Dr. Kiran Sethi

A mantra that you swear by in your professional/personal life?

I swear by simply trying to do the best you can. Wherever you are, whatever you are, do the best you can so that you don’t have any regrets. At work, I am constantly thinking about how I can improve every single day. How can I  make things a better experience? You know it is a constant process of genuinely seeing where your flaws lie and how you can improve upon them on a daily basis. 

What has been your biggest professional accomplishment so far?

My biggest professional accomplishment. Oh! I really appreciate all the academic work that I have got to do. Being on panels with acclaimed doctors. Being a trainer for botox and fillers. Being a trainer and the lead person for many of the lasers I have used. I think those have really been some great professional accomplishments. My award from Elle magazine for the best skin expert–that’s also a big achievement.

Dr. Kiran Sethi

What are the key skills or qualities that have really helped you succeed?

I would say that my ability to see where I am going wrong and then improve. I genuinely like to see where I make mistakes so that I can learn. I am always trying to improve and make myself better. Also, I am a voracious learner. I love meeting people, I love learning from them. I love reading and studying. I love constantly improving myself. 

Tell us a little about Isya. How did you start working towards building it?

I always wanted my own clinic to emphasise what I believe in. So Isya is all about inside-out beauty. You know we have nutrition, we have the IT bar, we have the latest technology, we have the 360degree  approach. That’s exactly why I started working toward it– to emphasize who I am. 

Dr. Kiran Sethi

Any advice for those who are looking to break into the industry?

Say “yes” to every opportunity you get.

And lastly, how do you relax?

I relax by playing with my little girl.  

Featured Image Courtesy: Dr. Kiran Sethi

24 Jun 2021

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