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Double Flick Eyeliner: The Hottest Celeb-Approved Eye Makeup Trend Taking Over Our Feed

Double Flick Eyeliner: The Hottest Celeb-Approved Eye Makeup Trend Taking Over Our Feed

Yup, we are suckers for eye makeup trends – I mean who isn’t? Makeup is more than just about hiding blemishes or faking a rosy glow. It’s about expressing your creativity too. While we are fans of both natural and eccentric makeup looks, trends that merge the two together are exactly the kind of versatile detailing we need in our lives. So when we caught wind of celebs digging the eyeliner trend that we predicted to be huge this year, you can only imagine our excitement.

Double winged eyeliner that features two flicks is all over our social media feeds and it’s slowly carving a permanent spot in everyday beauty looks as well. And with celebs like Ariana Grande and Deepika Padukone already making the most of this makeup fad, there is no doubt that you too need in on the trend. Here’s everything you need to know about the double flick eye makeup trend along with some stunning celeb-inspo for the taking.

What Is Double Winged Eyeliner?

Also known as bat winged liner or double flick liner, this trend has one winged line extending outwards from the upper lash line and another from the lower lash line. This helps create a more wide eyed effect that celebs and makeup artists seem to really love. While this is the simplest way to get double winged eyeliner, there are also more creative variations of the trend. Some use a double flick on the floating eyeliner trend while others have an additional wing on a graphic angle eyeliner look; it’s easy to experiment with this trend.

Celebs Rocking Double Winged Eyeliner 

The Classic Gem

Deepika Padukone makes her bold winged liner super fashionable by flaunting a delicate wing underneath that extends from her lower lash line. This proves how fabulous this trend is when it comes to looking glam for a fancy occasion.

Side Of Magic

The double wing goes perfectly with a pop coloured eyeshadow look as well. Take cue from Gigi Hadid as she wears it with a captivating periwinkle eyeshadow.

Bambi Vision

Euphoria S2 was all about double winged liner and in this scene Sydney Sweeney really capitalises on its eye-opening effects. She has curvy brown liner flicks on her outer corners and white eyeliner on her water line to make her eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Edge Of Glory

Zendaya is the queen of unconventional beauty looks and she too, gave her stamp of approval to this trend. Watch how she pairs the tiny angled graphic liner look with a double flick for extra pizazz.

Cabaret Craze

We are loving this floating eyeliner trend that has a stray flick that is so statement-making. The whole look is extra-dramatic with pearl embellishments and those feather lashes.

Over The Line

Vanessa Hudgens hopped on trend as well as she rocked a clean graphic liner look that features two wings.

Blue Clue

Maddie Zeigler shows us that this trend even looks good in vibrant colours. The blue double winged eyeliner is pure genius and it matches her ensemble which is a serious power move.

If you want to take this eyeliner look for a spin, you need the need the right products to help you out. We recommend:

Did these celeb inspired double winged liner looks convince you to hop on the trend? We’re definitely convinced and excited to try it out this weekend!

Featured Images: Instagram

03 Jun 2022

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