Chin WIN! How To Hide That Double Chin With Makeup

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016


Realizing that your chin now has a twin can be like a bad dream for any girl. It’s something we don’t have much control over, and can definitely make us feel way older than we are. If an annoying double chin is shaking up your confidence, then you need to follow these tips on concealing it like a pro. We give you a few makeup tricks to hide that double chin and have you feeling fabulous as ever!

1. Foundation Tricks

double chin makeup 1

Once you’ve applied your foundation on your face, use one that is one or two shades darker than your usual foundation on your chin and blend well. Then, use a big brush to dust on a powder bronzer along your jawline, starting from one ear to the other. Make sure to apply it on the jawline bone only, and blend away so there are no defined lines. Use the same bronzer on your cheeks to make it look more natural. It’s important to blend well to make it look seamless and to hide your double chin successfully. Don’t forget to use translucent powder on top to set the look.

2. Make Your Eyes Pop

double chin makeup 3

Drawing attention away from the south of your face is a sneaky way to hide a double chin. Play up your peepers with bright colours, or master a sexy smoky eye. Also, bring some colour to your cheeks for a natural-looking flush, and no one will even notice that double chin that’s been causing you plenty of stress.

3. Contour Like A Supermodel

double chin makeup 2

Contouring is a trick that makeup artists and celebrities swear by to make their features look more chiseled. Try it to enhance your jawline and make your chin look more slender – it’s not as complicated as you thought! Take a powder that it is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, suck in your cheeks and dust it on to the hollows of your cheeks. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend. Then, with a matte bronzer, draw a number 3 starting from your temple down to below your cheekbone and then under your jawline. Do the same on both sides. This will help accentuate your jawline and hide your double chin, while making you look like a supermodel. Go ahead and click a few selfies!

4. Flaunt Your Neckline

double chin makeup 4

One great way to draw attention away from a double chin is to show off your neckline. Flaunt those collarbones and a slender neck with scoop neck tops and some cleavagey dresses – we know you’ll feel sexier than ever. Dust on some bronzer to add a bit of shimmer to your neckline and collarbones for maximum effect!

5. The Products You Need

double chin makeup 5

In order to get your chin shaped just right, you need a few products that can help you do the job!

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