5 Doppelgangers Of Bollywood Stars That Made Us Do A Double Take

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Nov 3, 2021
Doppelgangers of Bollywood stars


Recently, pictures of Taimur Ali Khan’s look-alike Zaryan went viral. If you’ve been active on social media, it’s unlikely that you missed the pictures that left social media in a tizzy. This isn’t the first time the Internet has found a look-alike of a celebrity or a known personality. There have been many such instances where videos and photos of ordinary people went viral due to their uncanny resemblance to Bollywood stars. Let’s take a look at a few such celebs and their doppelgangers that’ll make you question ‘what kind of sorcery is this?’

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

It was in February this year that a picture of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s look-alike Aamna Imran took social media by storm. People couldn’t get over the similarities between Aishwarya and Aamna’s facial features. Aamna also shared a few videos on her Instagram in which she is seen enacting and lip syncing to songs from Aishwarya’s movies!

Anushka Sharma

In 2019, American singer Julia Michaels made the headlines when she posted a picture of herself alongside Anushka Sharma, and tweeted, “Hi @AnushkaSharma apparently we’re twins lol.” Indeed, the two looked quite similar in the picture posted by Julia. Anushka herself agreed that there was an uncanny resemblance! Reacting to Julia’s tweet, Anushka wrote, “OMG YES!! I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our doppelgangers all my life.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has a passionate fan following from not just India, but from around the world. His supporters have been known to line up outside his house just to get a glimpse of King Khan. Not everyone is lucky enough to see the superstar in real life, so they found the next best thing–a lookalike. Ibrahim Qadri gained popularity on the internet all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to SRK. On popular demand, he started making video of him performing several scenes from iconic SRK films.

Priyanka Chopra

International heartthrob Priyanka Chopra has never failed to captivate us with her beauty and acting prowess. So it was natural for the netizens to be awestruck by PeeCee’s doppelganger Amayra Dongre. In a viral clip, Amayra is seen to be enacting an iconic scene of Kashi Bai from the movie Bajirao Mastani. Her expressions and her features appeared so similar to Priyanka’s that Netizens were left amazed!


In 2019, a woman named Priyanka Kandwal grabbed a lot of attention on social media platforms for her TikTok videos in which she was seen lip-syncing to songs from Madhubala’s films such as Haal kaisa hai janaab ka, Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai. The eerie resemblance between Madhubala and this TikTok user was quite evident, and Priyanka Kandwal’s videos turned her into an internet sensation!

It’s crazy, isn’t it? These doppelgangers really do look similar to the Bollywood celebrities!

Featured Image: Aamna Imran and Manish Malhotra on Instagram