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The Dopamine Beauty Trend Is Here To Play & Blowing Up On Our Insta Feeds

The Dopamine Beauty Trend Is Here To Play & Blowing Up On Our Insta Feeds

Move over the clean-girl aesthetic, dopamine beauty is here to play. Don’t get me wrong, we love a good au-naturel makeup look and sophisticated makeup trends, but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive and a little too basic. But that’s about to change what with this new wave of makeup looks taking over the scene. Dopamine beauty or otherwise known as dopamine glam encourages you to express your creativity through makeup and have a fun time with it. Pops of colour and experimental makeup application is given the nod because this way of makeup is proven to literally boost your mood. Dopamine glam has already taken over the west and is soon to gain popularity in India as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

What Is Dopamine Beauty?

Dopamine beauty or  Dopamine glam is the exact opposite of clean-girl makeup. Inspired by the dopamine dressing theme which has taken the fashion world by storm, dopamine beauty is all about rocking bright bouts of colour which helps release dopamine in the brain of whoever sets eyes on your makeup look including yourself.

How Does The Dopamine Beauty Trend Benefit Mental Health? 

The dopamine beauty trend is backed by the effects of colour therapy. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone. Increased dopamine levels can help counter depressive thoughts and motivate you to enjoy life and have fun. Therefore, wearing bright colourful makeup can actually boost your mood and make you feel more confident and ready to take on the day or night. The Dopamine Beauty Trend with its riot of colours helps raise dopamine levels similar to how a good workout sesh or meditation puts you in a good mood.

Dopamine Glam Makeup Inspo & Tips For The Taking

Have Fun With It

You don’t need to be extremely skilled at makeup to hop on the trend. Having fun with the makeup process is what this trend is all about. Rethink the traditional colour placements of eye makeup, opt for bright blushes, and wear your lips tinted and glossy; it’s a foolproof formula to ace the trend.

Ditch Black, Embrace Colour

To ease into the dopamine beauty aesthetic, you can begin by swapping your regular black eyeliners for metallic bronze or burgundy. You can also go in for more vibrant eyeliner colours like blue, lavender, orange, or pink. An entire monochrome makeup look in a bright hue is also a great place to start. Think of whimsical makeup looks that you’d see in fiction movies and books.

Colour Blocking Rocks

Colour blocking is the simplest way to make a bold dopamine beauty statement. Apply an eye primer on your lids so that your eyeshadow pops and then apply a single bright hue all over your lids. Tightline your lash lines for definition, wear mascara, and then proceed to do your complexion makeup as you like. You could also opt for a bold and offbeat lipstick colour like purple or wear an ombre lip in bright hues.

Embrace the dopamine beauty trend whenever you need to boost your mood. This trend is sure to put your mind in a happy place.

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24 Nov 2022

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