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Prep, Set, Glow: Dolphin Skin Is The Latest Makeup Trend For That Extra Radiance

Prep, Set, Glow: Dolphin Skin Is The Latest Makeup Trend For That Extra Radiance

The highlighter has definitely seen a revival in the makeup industry over the last few years and we agree with the fact that you should go bling or go home! These days dewy skin is what everyone wants. The whole wet-dripped-in-highlighter look is perfect for the summer-monsoon months because it’s got sun-kissed, post-pool, balmy summer vibes written all over it. 

The trend of slapping on highlighter over highlighter on your cheekbones has taken a back seat and lit-from-within skin has come to the forefront. While some people are God’s favourite child and are blessed with naturally radiant skin, the rest of us can fake it with makeup. That’s where techniques and trends like ‘glass skin‘ and ‘yoga skin’ come in. 

Taking it a notch higher, now we’ve got ‘dolphin skin’ and here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

What Is The Dolphin Skin Trend?

The dolphin skin trend is all about looking like a million bucks. It’s luxurious, high-end, and trendy. It was started by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, who has been the genius behind A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Hailey Bieber and so many more. 

How To Achieve Dolphin Skin?

To achieve dolphin skin, you have to start by moisturising your face properly. Put on sunscreen on top of this so that you protect your skin from sun damage and then go in with all the products that scream dewy skin. 

Use a high-shine liquid highlighter along your cheekbones and add a sheer blush on your cheeks for that extra happy, sun-kissed glow. 

Honestly, you can use any liquid highlighter, sheer blush or product that gives you radiant skin to get dolphin skin- so glowing oil primers, glossy shadows, makeup is here to have fun with!

Layering Is Key

Any makeup trend that focusses on the skin looking radiant, layering is the most important thing. You’ve to build the glow only then will it come out as natural yet all out and not look chalky and flaky. Spend time on your skincare routine- do your CTM routine, exfoliate if you think your skin has dead skin accumulation and put on a mud face mask for the squeaky clean look. Moisturise your face with a heavy moisturiser and let its goodness skin into the skin. You can use a serum along with it for the extra boost.

Priming Is The Solution To Most (If Not All) Of Your Problems

We swear by priming and that’s because it miraculously blurs out imperfections and fills in pores. For dolphin skin, prime using an illuminating primer and focus it on the high points of your face. 

POPxo Recommends For Dolphin Skin

Now, remember, highlighter is not limited to just the face. For a complete summer-vacay look, put it everywhere you think the light will hit- your decolletage, shoulders, and you can mix some liquid highlighter into your moisturising lotion and apply it on your legs. Finish off the makeup with some shiny gloss and voila, you’ve got skin like a dolphin’s! (Wait, whattt?)

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Jul 2020

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