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Problematic Men From ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Prove That We Weren’t Really Wrong About Them

Problematic Men From ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Prove That We Weren’t Really Wrong About Them

While Netflix’s recently released docu-series, Indian Matchmaking might have given us a lot to discourse on (and make memes about), the show also left us with the mother of all cliffhangers. For instance, we never got to find out if it actually worked out between Rushali and Pradhyuman, or did he go on rejecting 150 more girls suggested to him by Sima aunty.

Similarly, we never got any clarity on what happened to Nadia or how on Earth did Vinay have the guts to ghost her on camera. And, of course, we’d die to get some tea on what happened to Akshay’s mom aka Preeti aunty and her blood pressure, especially after his engagement was called off. Well, thankfully for us, Netflix did take care of all of this with a bonus episode where celebrity content creator Dolly Singh played the host.

In the special episode, Dolly sought answers to every single of the Indian Matchmaking-related questions that have been haunting the audience for over two weeks now. And while we absolutely loved watching Dolly and Aparna calling out Sima aunty for her prejudiced behaviour, it turned out to be particularly fun watching her grill problematic men from the show, just like Miso Paneer. See what we did there(Pradhyuman will understand)? 

Here are our favourite moments from the bonus episode: 

Akshay, Akshay’s Kids, & His Never-Ending Dilemma


Firstly, to his credit, Akshay appeared all prepared (read politically correct) for the bonus interview. And initially, he did say all the right things like he has confronted his family about what makes him happy, his family is alright with all that, and also does not seek a girl above 5’3’’ anymore! 

He even gave an explanation for why his and Radhika’s engagement fell apart. “Right after the ceremony, I was just like ‘what is going on with my life. What am I supposed to do? I can’t even talk to her for five minutes so how am I supposed to spend the rest of my life with this girl.’ It’s not that there is something wrong with the person. It’s just that we are two completely different people,” he shared with Dolly. 

In fact, Akshay even had an explanation for the entire kitchen scene where his mom asks him to get a wife so that she can make the tiffin for him. He said, “People have taken that completely wrong. It was supposed to be a funny scene. She was just teasing me and people have taken it to a whole different level.”

And just when he was successfully dodging all the questions, Dolly finally fired the bullet as she raised questions on his most problematic remark from the show where Akshay was seen saying that ‘If the girl goes out and works, then who’ll take care of the children?’

“See, if she wants to work that’s cool. I just wanted to know about the kids. Because I know what I am supposed to do, if she would have asked how are you supposed to take care of the kids, I would have probably told her,” he said. Dolly immediately seized the moment and fired another one as she asked “Let me ask you that question, how will you take care of the kids Akshay?”

And to say that the question caught him off guard would be an understatement. “Who me?” was his initial response before he gathered himself and went on giving perhaps the most ludicrous answer of all time that involved “taking care of them at night” and “grow them up” as parts of his foolproof plan to be an amazing parent. Well, no wonder he was worried about his spouse taking care of the children for any man whose idea of good parenting consists of ideas like “grow them up” is least suited for the job!

Pradhyuman’s Rejection Spree And The Knack For Analogies That He Should Let Go Of


With Pradhyuman, the host quickly addressed the elephant in the room as she asked him for the reason behind rejecting 150 women. “Do you think you were being too judgemental at the time or do you think you have that kind of a standard that you want your partner to be that way,” she asked upfront. 

And Pradhyuman had a very interesting analogy to throw, “It is very similar to how we open a dating app. So if you are clicking a “no” it does not know that you are rejecting the person, it just means that you are not interested in that person. As I said I was presented with 150 biodatas but in the process, I actually might have met like 5-7 people.”

And kudos to that response because the guy effectively proved that he isn’t too different from how he was portrayed in the series. “I think the comparison that you have made between being presented with biodatas and dating apps is lovely and I think it makes a lot more sense now,” Dolly replied and boy we do love how that sentence smells of A-grade sarcasm!

Vinay’s Ghosting And Natural Fizzle


Vinay earned quite a reputation post Indian Matchmaking for ditching Nadia on two of their dates and then eventually ghosting her. And yet the man had no proper explanation or even amends to make for the same. All he could say was, “The reaction that I was getting from the female audience was kind of hurtful because there’s always two sides of the story. I definitely made some mistakes but I own up to every single mistake I made.” 

But there’s more. After he insisted that he didn’t really ghost Nadia, Dolly promptly asked him if he had ever actually done it. Vinay answered it in a way that no man with an iota of remorse would have. He helped the host with his theory of “natural fizzle” and how he executes the move. He shared, “I do what I call a natural fizzle. Which is like texting for a while and then the gap between text gets longer and further,” he said.   

“Well, it’s the 21st century dating my friends. You just fizzle it out,” Dolly replied and well, we’d have to second her for its Indian Matchmaking and as we have seen, literally anything can happen! 

Lastly, we’d certainly have to give it to Dolly for being the host that we all needed and deserved after Sima aunty left our mind nicely boggled in the show!

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30 Jul 2020

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