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Mother’s Day 2021: 20 DIY Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Mom & Make Her Feel Special

There’s no one like our moms! And there’s nothing better than the comfort of a mother’s arms or her lap and her soothing voice which can light up your day like no other. A mother’s love is unconditional and that’s why it’s important to celebrate it. And let’s face it, she can heal your soul and motivate you. She’s your best friend, your family, and your closest confidante. But we all tend to take them for granted every now and then. And now with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time we celebrate their love and our bond with them. And what better way to do it than with DIY Mother’s Day gifts. 

You may love her to bits but being a desi mom that she is, she’d rather you spend money on yourself than buy gifts for them. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can put together for your beloved mother. Check out our list of DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Mother’s Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Handmade Gift Ideas



A thoughtful handmade Mother’s Day gift can make your mom feel loved and appreciated. Be it a personalised jewellery box or a woollen scarf or handmade chocolate, your mother will love something handcrafted much more than something expensive.

1. Our moms are always busy taking care of us and end up forgetting all about themselves. A handpicked self-care package is the best gift. 

2. Bake your mom a batch of her favourite cookies or gift her handmade chocolates ‘coz every bite will remind her of your love for her!

3. If you’re good at knitting or crochet, make your mom a crochet top or a woollen sweater. It may take a while but your mother will truly appreciate your hard work. 

4. You can always make your mom a handmade candle or soap at home. You can easily find wax or soap base at any local store along with some essential oils, colours and mould. 

5. Make a jar of ‘100 reasons why my mom is the best!’ All you need is a good transparent jar, some coloured papers, scissors and sketch pens.

Mother’s Day Quiz

Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts For Mom


If handmade or DIY gifts are just not your thing, you can always personalise a gift for your mom. A customised Mother’s Day gift speaks volumes about your love for her. 

1. Get her a ‘Best Mother In The World’ trophy! You can go to any sports or gifts shop and ask them to make a personalised trophy to gift your mom on Mother’s Day. 

2. Buy your mother a customised wooden jewellery or keepsake box to keep her items. Every time she puts on her favourite earrings, it’ll remind her of you. 

3. Invest in a beautiful keepsakes necklace for your mom with a picture of both of you in it. There’s nothing a mother appreciates more than her own kids. 

4. Coasters are an important part of home decor and if your mom loves doing up the house, personalised coasters make for a great gift. 

5. Gift your mom a trip to the spa, personalised to her liking. An entire day of relaxation will do her some good and make her smile.

Artistic Gift Ideas For Mother-In-Law On Mother’s Day

DIY mothers day gifts



If you’re an artistic person, we suggest you take some time to make your mom or your mom-in-law a DIY or a homemade gift for Mother’s Day. Our mothers took the effort and the time to raise us with love and care and our mother-in-law did her bit to make us feel at home. And the least we can do is make them feel special on this one day. 

1. If you are good at painting or sketching, make your mom a sketch and get it framed for her or you can make her a canvas painting that she will cherish forever. 

2. Instead of buying your mom personalised pillow covers, get some plain ones and use fabric paint to make a beautiful pattern on it or you could also write a quote! 

3. There’s nothing wrong with going the mainstream way and making your mom a good old handmade card. 

4. Buy a quality scarf or handkerchief and embroider your mom’s name on it or maybe a beautiful floral design. 

5. Gift your mom a sculpture of your hands along with the hands of your kids. This will not only remind her of you but also of her grandkids. It’s a heartfelt memory for her to hold onto.

Mother’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Not all of us are good at remembering dates. So if you’re looking for some last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, here we are to help. 

1. You can use some beads and threads to make your mom a DIY bracelet for Mother’s Day. After all, it’s the gesture that matters not the cost of your gift. 

2. A sustainable DIY Mother’s Day gift can make your mom beam with happiness. Use your old jeans or clothes that don’t fit you anymore to make a tote bag or purse for your mom. 

3. Another environment-friendly gift you can get your mom is potted plants. And if your mom loves gardening, she’s going to love this one!  

4. A good old bouquet can also make your mother feel loved and cared for. In case you’ve missed out on getting your mom a gift, it’s never too late to order a bouquet of her favourite flowers. 

5. Nothing is more DIY than a homemade meal. Give your mom a break from work and make her a delicious meal at home.

Best Gifts For New Moms On Mother’s Day: This day is special for all moms and their kids but it’s a little extra special for new moms. Becoming a mom for the first time and celebrating this day can be really exciting. And if you know someone who just became a mom, here are some gift ideas to make her feel special. 

Mothers Day Shayari in Hindi: Check out some amazing shayaris on Mothers Day in Hindi to light up her mood.

Mother’s Day Quotes: Moms are special and we need to do our bit to make them feel extra special on a day that’s all about motherhood. More so in times like these when we can’t see our mothers for the sake of their health. And if you’re looking for some quotes to send to your mom or to write on a greeting card for her, we’ve got a list of best Mother’s Day quotes that your mom will most definitely love.

Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes: Not all of us live with our moms and amid the pandemic, it can be really difficult to celebrate this day without her. So, apart from getting her a gift, here are some beautiful wishes to celebrate this day and make your mom feel on top of the world.

Mother’s Day Poems: Our moms are our first teachers and there’s no one else like them. This is why it is important that we celebrate the most special woman in our lives this Mother’s Day. And we’ve got some poems that will leave your mom feeling loved! Check them out. 

Maa Quotes in Hindi : Check out the latest Mothers Day Quotes in Hindi and share them with your loved ones.

Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Our moms have pampered and loved us all our lives and it’s time we start doing the same. With our busy lives, we forget to take out some time to appreciate our mothers and that’s why we’ve listed some amazing ideas to pamper your mommy dearest and make her feel like a queen.

Our moms are so special that they deserve the entire world but for now, we suggest you put in the effort to get her the best DIY Mother’s Day gift

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22 Apr 2021

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