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8 Super Cute DIY Gifts To Give Your Man – Just Because!

8 Super Cute DIY Gifts To Give Your Man – Just Because!

We know you don’t need the excuse of his birthday or your anniversary to make him feel special. But we’re also pretty sure that you’re bored of baking him cakes and writing him letters all the time. So, let’s have some fun this time and surprise him with these 8 gifts instead!



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1. Make him a romantic quilt using his old tees

You’ll have to ask his friends, or his mum to help you gather his old tees that he doesn’t wear anymore. All you gotta do now is cut all the shirts up in a square shape, leaving the neckline and the arms out, and then sew them all together like a giant, rectangular quilt – like this. For times when you aren’t there to cuddle with him in bed, this quilt will work its magic instead.

2. A love coupon book

Get your colored pens and paper out, ladies. Cut the paper into little rectangles and make fake coupons that offer him real benefits *wink*. Get imaginative and write stuff like, “Breakfast In Bed, with complimentary overnight stay” or, “Hot oil massage”. Now tell him that he can pick out any coupon, any time he wants, and you will play his genie!

DIY gift ideas for him

3. A playlist of all his fav music, with a special voice note from you in the end

Letters have been done and overdone! But do you know what’s much more heartwarming and yet, never done before? Voice-notes. Yes, so go ahead and say something you’ve never told him before, and record it after you’ve gathered all his favourite songs in one place. Trust us, he’ll keep it with him forever.

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4. Make him some smooth, flavoured shaving creams!

If you thought your cosmetics were expensive, maybe you should peek into the men’s section once. The guys don’t have it easy either. So, here’s another gift option for him that’s super sweet and practical –  a flavoured shaving cream. Here’s how to make one at home.

DIY gift ideas for him

5. Or, maybe his favourite comic star coasters

His fav comic superheroes pasted over coasters made by you = what’s not to love? And the best part is, every time he’ll look at them, he’ll think of you. All you need to do is get your hands on a few of his fav comic books, and cut, draw and paste like this.

6. Give him some hankies, with his name sewed on…

What’s another thing that he carries with him, all day, every day? Yup, his handkerchief. Wouldn’t it then be adorable if you were to gift him a couple of hankies – one for each day of the week, personalised with his initials in the corner? You could get more creative and try new patterns like this.

DIY gift ideas for him

7. How about some home made ginger beer?

This one he may just ask you for more of – because who doesn’t love some good old home-made beer, right? Plus, it’s such a welcome break from all those heart shaped cupcakes and breakfast in bed omelets. And here’s the best part – it doesn’t take much effort either. So get brewing, ladies. Find the recipe here.

8. And some beer glasses to go along, yes?

Whether he drinks straight from the bottle, or invests in those expensive beer glasses – he would still love these super cute glasses that you especially made for him. All you really need is a few empty bottles, and here’s how you can magically transform them into his fav beer mug.

DIY gift ideas for him

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05 May 2016

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