Lipstick Aficionados, Take Notes Cause These Festive Lip Trends Are Perfect For Diwali

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 25, 2021
Lipstick Aficionados, Take Notes Cause These Festive Lip Trends Are Perfect For Diwali


If you’re excited for Diwali and are already scouring the internet for festive makeup inspo, we don’t blame you. The sooner you plan your festive look the easier it will be to exude diva-level confidence. Whether you’ve got your outfit together or not, finding your makeup aesthetic is definitely something you can do to ensure you look glamorous and trendy. While there’s eye makeup inspo is everywhere, lip trends are another way to make a statement with minimal effort.

2021 Lipstick Trends That Are Perfect For Diwali

Red Vinyl

Since the celebrations are amongst family and loved ones, you can go in with a gloss effect without having to worry about face masks for the most part. This red lip look glazed with gloss is a trend hard to ignore that is perfect for Diwali. Apply a matte red lipstick and once it is set, swipe on clear lip gloss to make a statement.

Gold Glow

For those who love minimalistic makeup looks that make an impact this softly glossed lip trend is the perfect pick. Create juicy gold shimmer lips by dabbing a lip tint on the centre of your lips and hydrating the lips with gold shimmer infused gloss.

Chrome Caress

Metallic lipstick has a gorgeous effect on the lips. The best part about it is it offers shine sans the stickiness you get from gloss. Opt for a metallic pink lipstick that can even cover as a pearlescent lip topper. 

Plump Pick

Lip contouring to make your lips appear fuller is a genius move for when rocking a nude lipstick shade. Outline your lips with a brown lip liner that is darker than your natural skin tone. Blend the lip liner with a lip brush to blur it out. Swipe on a shimmer-infused nourishing lipstick in a nude shade. 

Rose Kiss

Don’t underestimate the power of a softly blurred lip. Choose a rosy shade and blur out the edges of your lip line and it will give your festive avatar a rustic glam vibe.

Caramel Copper

This lip trend can carry your whole look without a sweat. The glistening caramel shade created can invigorate any complexion and festive ensemble. To recreate this, outline your lower lip with a dark red lip pencil. Swipe a toasted brown lipstick shade on your pout. Top it up with gold lip gloss.

Which of these fads are you trying for the upcoming Diwali parties?

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