Divya Agarwal Just Got Candid About Her Equation With Shamita Shetty Outside BB & We’re All Ears

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Sep 20, 2021
Divya Agarwal Just Got Candid About Her Equation With Shamita Shetty Outside BB & We’re All Ears


The first season of Bigg Boss OTT came to an end after six long weeks on Saturday. One of our fave contestants, Divya Agarwal won and took home Rs 25 lakhs along with the coveted trophy. And let’s not forget that she did that with no connections. Talk about an epic win! 

TBH, with the support that Shamita Shetty had been receiving from host Karan Johar, we were convinced that she would be the winner but surprisingly, she did not even make it to the top two. NGL, we expected major drama to unfold between Divya and Shamita on the finale of the season given their history. However, the two were civil to each other. But it looks like their episode is far from over as Divya just opened up about her thoughts towards the actress, and here’s what she said. 

While talking to a leading daily, Divya revealed that she and Shamita hadn’t spoken after the show ended. She said “I haven’t spoken to Shamita until now. After the show ended, we all were tired and resting. No one has got enough time to do other things. But I will not contact her first.”


The actress further added, “I genuinely want Shamita to contact me first and I want to see how she approaches me. Because throughout the show her approach towards me was full of misunderstandings. So I would like to see that effort from her end and want to know her in real life. Because many things happen in that house and I kind of forgive but I don’t forget.”

TBH, Shamita did pick fights with Divya for the smallest of things. So, we totally back the actress for not taking the first step to fix their friendship. 

That being said, we would like to see the two mend their complex relationship and put it behind them. Here’s hoping we get to see their reunion soon! 

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